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Shakeela’s Kiss to Tasty Teja!

Bigg Boss Season 7Bigg Boss Telugu
Season: 7
Episode: 4
Day: 3

In this episode, the game in the Bigg Boss house reaches a new level. As we previously mentioned, Bigg Boss has not officially designated any of the participants as housemates but is still treating them as contestants this season. A unique task was introduced to elevate their status and earn the eligibility to remain in the house.

The task involved a wrestling match, with male and female wrestlers entering the house to compete against the contestants. In this challenge, Aata Sandeep from the male contestants and Priyanka Jain from the female contestants managed to advance to the next level.

Remarkably, the contestants in this seventh season have displayed a positive attitude right from the start. For now, they support and motivate each other, creating an atmosphere where no one feels alone in the house, which is a positive development.

Rathika openly expressed her appreciation for how the contestants uplift each other when they are feeling down. However, when Prashanth faced defeat in the game, he retreated to a corner and shed tears. Priyanka and Tasty Teja stepped in to boost his spirits, reminding him that winning every game is not the only goal; they must keep trying.

Similarly, Sobha Shetty and others also eagerly participated in the wrestling task, even though they knew they might not win. It remains to be seen how long the contestants can maintain their optimistic outlook.

On a lighter note, as the contestants spent their time engaging in various activities in the house, the female contestants applied makeup and lipstick to Tasty Teja. During this playful moment, Shakeela affectionately kissed Teja’s cheek, considering him, her son.

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