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VW Polo GT: How an alert bystander fixed my DSG issue for free

VW Polo GT: How an alert bystander fixed my DSG issue for free
VW Polo GT: How an alert bystander fixed my DSG issue for free

The transmission connector base bush/bush pin had worn out, he just connected it back.

BHPian dj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi guys, this happened on our 2013 GT TSI, about few weeks back, the car suddenly stopped while engaging reverse into parking, the gear shift moves but it wouldn’t pick a gear, nor move any at all, we tried pushing it with 4-5 people to push it, but this won’t move an inch.

The car is stuck in reversing action/degree and blocking the whole driveway, we called the local dealer workshop to ask if they could do on phone diagnose, at least help us push the car in parking – spoke to technical guys and all, nothing, they were completely blank and simply asked us to tow the vehicle to the workshop. They won’t send a person.

We are waiting for the tow vehicle and a driver from another car walks to us, Kya ho Gaya? let me see, he opens the bonnet like 30-40 seconds, ok, try and the car moved. I was so surprised, asked him, do you know VW cars? no sir, 20 saal se gaddi chalate Hain etc…

The transmission connector base bush/bush pin had worn out, he just connected it back. Later we called the service center to check for the part, it’s been 4 weeks they still don’t have it. We are running with a temporary fix, its knotted with a metal wire. Picture of it is attached for your reference.

Though we technically can’t and won’t blame the VW service center persons, but I would still say, given the situation, we found them to be below par, in action, knowledge and customer service responsiveness they could have exhibited or delivered in this situation, we are less than 2 kms away from this workshop and are a regular old customer to them. Incident is from Saturday around 4-5 pm.

Posting it here as this may be useful to someone in a situation like we were in and plus if any one of you knows where to source this part, pls! thanks for it in advance!

Here’s what BHPian cormodore had to say on the matter:

Thank you d.j, for the information.

Thank you GTO, for creating the new thread, else, I would have definitely missed the information.

Out of curiosity, I opened my Vento TSI engine bay to find out the position and the condition of my transmission connector. When I touched the connector, its kind of shaking, but firm at the moment. Another checkup point for me when I am cleaning my engine bay.

The connector is available in amazon, but outrageously priced. However, its priced around 7 pounds in ebay UK

Part number — 09G 321 397 A.

It is located under the Air Filter box. A pic from my car for others who would like to know the exact position.

Here’s what BHPian vinaydatla had to say on the matter:

This happened to me a few years ago.

Vehicle – Ford Figo 1.4 TDCI

Location – Tirumala hill, Tirupati

Time – 9pm

The manual gear shift stopped working suddenly and was stuck in first gear. Being a hill town, we were able to go around in first gear at low speed. The only mechanic on the hill had left for Tirupati as it was late already.

We parked the car in a safe place and waited till morning. The mechanic was available at noon and he immediately identified the root cause as a failed bush in the transmission assembly. As the part is not easily available, he used a copper wire as a jugaad and tied up the assembly as seen in OP’s picture. He assured that we can travel the 700 Kms back to Hyderabad and get it fixed later as there is no urgency.

However, we wanted to ensure that we are not stranded on the way. We tried to look for a Ford A.S.S which can help us out. Due to some confusion in searching for the A.S.S, we lost a lot of time and ended up reaching the A.S.S after 6pm beyond closing time.

The service personnel were still around, they checked the underbody and mentioned that the jugaad is fine but they in turn removed the copper wire which is weaker in nature and replaced it with a stronger GI wire. This was called as a permanent jugaad and not to be worried for few months at least.

After reaching Hyderabad, I visited a nearby FNG for suggestions. The mechanic at the FNG looked at it and said you need not worry at all. However, when I insisted him to procure the part to fix the issue – he walked out of the shed and went into their yard which had a few brand new total loss vehicles of ZoomCar (they were authorized service partners of Zoom car) and pulled out the bush from a brand new Ecosport which was totaled in the first month out of the showroom.

He immediately fixed it to my car free of charge and sent me away.

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