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“I’m Playing Old And That Too To Shah Rukh Khan”

“I’m Playing Old And That Too To Shah Rukh Khan”
“I’m Playing Old And That Too To Shah Rukh Khan”

Ridhi Dogra with SRK. (courtesy: iridhidogra)

New Delhi:

Ridhi Dogra stars as Shah Rukh Khan’s adoptive mother in Atlee’s Jawan. She shared her initial thoughts about the role in the film in an Instagram entry with a “long post warning.” She began the post with these words, “This film is a blockbuster. Is what I said every time I was on the sets of Jawan. You all are celebrating the film as a festival which makes me want to celebrate too with this loooong post. #towhomsoeveritmayconcern. I’m grateful beyond words for everyone acknowledging my bit in the film. It gives courage to an artist to keep taking risks and I thank you for that deeply. I am a feeling’s person. And I was feeling A LOT. As a person. As an actor. As a fan. All jumbled up.”

Ridhi Dogra wrote about her initial thoughts about the role and added, “As an actor, I thought ‘Wow, it’s an Atlee film and I’m playing old and that too to Shah Rukh! Am I mad?’ And I decided to do it. For the Kick of it. To get uncomfortable. To stay mad.”

The actress wrote about balancing the shoot along with her other projects and added, “In between schedules for Asur/Badtameez Dil/Pitchers/Lakadbagha – Conducive spaces for me to showcase my characters comfortably…Jawan was a test and a golden opportunity. As a person, I was on an emotional roller coaster and a mess to say the least. Being mostly alone during shoots didn’t help. But as a student of Cinema, it was a Dream Come True. I got to Observe and Learn and Soak it all in. Every time I was on set I was Like a kid in a candy story. In Cinema History!! No where else I’d rather be.”

“Lastly, As a Fan ! Well, I was speechless or dumbfounded. And the old age prosthetics didn’t help my swag at all. But to see Shah Rukh on set. His dedication. His patience. His focus. His commitment to the larger picture was just such a Privilege. I know I got a lifelong answer to who’s your favorite costar,” read an excerpt from her post.

She signed off the post with these words, “The entire crew and all the teams have so passionately and selflessly worked on it. I can’t begin the tales of it. But your tales of celebration is what they worked for and they must be smiling away now. It was insane lots of hard work and years of commitment. Your joy is our joy. Thank you. Here’s to the Magic of Cinema. Here’s to Atlee. Here’s to Shah Rukh Khan and here’s to all of you. PS_ No phones were allowed on set.”

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Earlier at the audio launch event of Jawan in Chennai, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Ridhi, who is unfortunately playing my mother, but in the next film, we will work something out age-wise.”

Ridhi Dogra is known for her performances in TV shows like I will tell Radha’s daughter how much she will do, she will love you, she will love you. and many more. She was seen in the ALT Balaji web series The Married Woman and Assyrian. She also participated in reality TV shows like dance 6 and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 6.

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