Home NEWS ‘Milad-un-Nabi procession cancelled in Hyderabad’

‘Milad-un-Nabi procession cancelled in Hyderabad’

‘Milad-un-Nabi procession cancelled in Hyderabad’

‘Milad-un-Nabi procession cancelled in Hyderabad’

Organizers, in consultation with all stakeholders especially the youth, have decided to cancel the Milad un Nabi Juloos in the twin cities, in view of it coinciding with the Ganesh festival in Hyderabad.
| Photo Credit: NAGARA GOPAL

The Milad-un-Nabi procession this year stands ‘cancelled’, the Seerat-un-Nabi Academy, one of the several organisations that organise the annual Milad-un-Nabi procession in the twin cities announced.

As was reported in these columns, while some organisations had called for postponing the procession on account of it coinciding with Ganesh festival, Seerat-un-Nabi Academy’s Syed Ghulam Samdani Ali Quadri pointed out that a no consensus was reached.

However, in a recent statement, Mr. Quadri announced that there would be no procession this year. This would be the first time the that there would be no procession in around 16 years. Mr Quadri said that the decision was taken after extensive consultations with stakeholders, including Muslim youth who are primary participants. Referring to the Ganesh immersion procession, he said, “There will be no Milad juloos this year. You are aware our fellow countrymen will be taking out a procession on September 28. Having two different processions on the same street is not possible. There is a possibility of somebody causing mischief. Neither a person taking part in the Milad Juloos, nor our brothers organising the other juloos will do such a thing. But if anti-social elements infiltrate the procession and create mischief, then it will be a problem for the city,” he said.

The decision, he said was taken by the Markazi Anjuman-e-Quadria and the Seerat-un-Nabi Academy.

Mr. Quadri underscored that while Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary would not be celebrated in the form of a procession, it would be celebrated at homes and khankhwaahs. He appealed to the youth to not take to the streets on motorcycles on Milad eve, and encouraged them to visit the masjid, engage in acts of worship, and feed and clothe the poor.

Sources said that the city police was concerned about the two festivals coinciding and had stepped up surveillance in the city. Efforts to counsel history sheeters too were underway. While the police was in no mood to take chances with the law and order situation in the city, given the emotive nature of the issue, Milad organisers had to broach the subject with the youth in a sensitive fashion. With each passing year, except during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the Milad procession has been swelling in size given the enthusiastic participation of the youth.

In the recent past Hyderabad parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi too had emphasised that there should be no breach of peace in the city.

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