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Day 6 Unveils Camaraderie, Conflict and Power Astra Winner

Day 6 Unveils Camaraderie, Conflict and Power Astra Winner
Day 6 Unveils Camaraderie, Conflict and Power Astra Winner

As Day 6 dawned in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house, the dynamics among the housemates continued to evolve, showcasing a mix of camaraderie and conflict.

The camaraderie among housemates:

In a surprise twist, Prashant seemed to be wearing his heart on his sleeve as he exchanged heart symbols with Rathika, expressing his fondness for her. These gestures didn’t go unnoticed, as he continued to shower her with love symbols while she lovingly fed him. However, not all interactions were as harmonious. Prince, at one point, referred to Rathika as “useless,” a comment that he later regretted and apologized for. Despite the apology, Rathika felt hurt. Prince also made an unfortunate remark about Kiran’s weight, which she understandably considered body shaming. Fortunately, the two seemed to have reconciled. Meanwhile, Damini and Rathika were caught in a gossip session, discussing Shivaji’s perceived lack of participation in household chores.

Nagarjuna feedback on Contestants:

The contestants’ actions did not go unnoticed by host Nagarjuna, who took the opportunity to provide feedback during his interaction with them. He reprimanded Prince for using derogatory language and reminded Kiran to communicate in Telugu. Nagarjuna then revealed the audience’s ratings for some of the housemates. Priyanka received an impressive 71 out of 100 marks. Shivaji was commended for his wit during the coffee task, earning him a score of 74. On the other hand, Damini’s score was a modest 62.

Nagarjuna also set some interesting challenges. He tasked Prince with flirting with Kiran, a test he didn’t excel at, receiving 69 marks. He appreciated Shakeela’s prank task, awarding her 69 marks. Sandeep’s gameplay earned him a respectable 72, while Shobha received 76 marks but was advised to curb her early emotional outbursts. Rathika scored an impressive 80 for her presence of mind.

Gowtham was urged to make a more significant impact in the house, receiving a score of 68. Kiran, however, lagged with just 50 marks. Prashant, who had recently shared a budding love story with Rathika, received 74 marks, closely matching his self-assessment of 78. Shubasree earned 65 marks, with Nagarjuna playfully inquiring about her relationship with Gowtham. Amardeep’s performance disappointed, earning him a meager 60 marks.

Sandeep emerges Winner in Power Astra:

The day concluded with the final task for the Power Astra. Sandeep and Pallavi had to balance on a see-saw and throw balls into a basket. Sandeep emerged victorious, throwing more balls than Priyanka and securing five weeks of immunity in the house.

Day 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 brought forth a mix of emotions, drama, and competitiveness, setting the stage for further surprises in the days ahead.

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