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Everyone Has An Opinion On Selena Gomez’s “I Will Never Be A Meme Again” Remark

Everyone Has An Opinion On Selena Gomez’s “I Will Never Be A Meme Again” Remark

Selena Gomez at the awards. (courtesy: TheMemesArchive)

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Selena Gomez recently attended the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) and her presence was all but eclipsed by her reaction to Chris Brown being announced as one of the nominees in the best R&B video category. By everything we mean, even her and Taylor Swift’s reunion. As expected, memes based on her reaction started doing the rounds on social media. The singer, in her latest Instagram story, addressed those memes and she wrote, “I will never be a meme again. I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.” The Calm Down singer’s comment has divided the Internet. While some rooted for the singer. The other school of thought is that memes should not be taken this seriously.

First, read the post shared by Selena Gomez here:

Screenshot of Selena Gomezs Instagram story

Screenshot of Selena Gomez’s Instagram story

ICYMI, this is the viral meme that has been doing the rounds:

“Memes don’t matter,” wrote an X (earlier called Twitter) user, adding, “I loved her authentic reactions, they were very relatable. It’s nothing to be ashamed of Selena Gomez. Laugh at yourself girl! Meme’s don’t matter.”

“I’m all for Selena. but Selena Gomez is not a victim. Y’all, her fans run so deep you can’t even breathe wrong in her direction without someone having something to say. so what if we laugh at her reaction to the vmas? or people create memes? lol,” read another one.

Another user wrote, “Selena Gomez saying she’ll never be a meme again is regrettably making her a meme again.”

Another hot take from a user – “Selena Gomez is my favorite meme.”

A meme for a meme – “Selena Gomez and I share the same fear of becoming a meme,” wrote a user.

“I’m sorry but Selena Gomez is NOT a meme. She is truly an angel. Yall got to stop being mean,” read another tweet.

Some fans agreed with the singer. “Selena Gomez, you are not a meme if you need some on to talk to I’m a tweet away,” wrote one.

Some more tweets:

How many memes are too many memes exactly?

Selena Gomeza former Disney star, began her acting career with Wizards of Waverly Place. She went on to become a top singer with smash hits like Come And Get It, It Ain’t Me, Lose You To Love Me and her recent hit Calm Down.

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