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University To Award Jaahnavi Kandula Her Degree Posthumously

University To Award Jaahnavi Kandula Her Degree Posthumously

23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula was killed when a police vehicle hit her in Seattle. The police officer who was driving the vehicle is under investigation. In a recent development, the vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild Danie Auderer’s bodycam footage revealed his demeaning comments about Jaahnavi’s tragic death.

Jaahnavi Kandula was supposed to get her Masters degree in December. Many supporting their support for Jaahnavi Kandula have emailed the North Eastern University and the President of the University Aoun, Dean Dave Thurman, and Alumni relations asking for their support in ensuring justice for Jaahnavi.

In a welcoming note, the University responded to the flood of emails and replied with a statement saying they would award Jaahnavi her Masters degree posthumously and present it to her family.

A part of the statement reads, ‘This week, Jaahnavi’s friends and loved ones are enduring the additional pain of new developments related to this tragedy. Callous and insensitive remarks by a Seattle police officer have become public, reopening wounds and deepening our collective heartbreak. We also recognize that our Indian student community- across all Northeastern campuses-has been especially impacted by this tragedy and its aftermath. We stand in solidarity with you and have every expectation that the ongoing investigations will bring a measure of justice and accountability.”

Meanwhile, the ‘limited value’ comments of Danie Auderer have got the attention of the whole world. Many were seen demanding a severe punishment for him. Telangana Minister KTR also tweeted about the same he moved the Indian Embassy and Central Foreign Affairs Minister regarding the case.

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