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‘INDIA’ To Boycott Aranab, 11 Other TV Anchors

‘INDIA’ To Boycott Aranab, 11 Other TV Anchors

The newly-formed Indian Opposition bloc, INDIA, has decided to boycott 14 news anchors from various English and Hindi channels. The list includes prominent figures like Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief of Republic TV, and Rubika Liyaquat of Bharat24. INDIA’s coordination committee made this decision due to their belief that certain sections of the media only promote the BJP’s narrative, with some referring to these anchors as “Modia.”

The other ten anchors singled out by INDIA’s media sub-committee come from India Today-Aaj Tak, CNN-News18, TimesNow, India TV, Bharat Express, and DD News.

One of INDIA’s key objectives is to counter the influence of the BJP on public opinion, which they claim has been achieved through these media outlets. To achieve this, Opposition parties have increasingly relied on social media and independent journalists to convey their message.

The Opposition’s media sub-committee is also planning to develop a joint social media strategy to strengthen their image and messaging.

Pawan Khera, a member of the media sub-committee, explained the boycott by stating that they don’t want to legitimize the “hate-filled narrative” presented by these anchors.

In response, the BJP criticized the alliance, accusing them of focusing on “bashing Sanatana Sanskriti” (Indian culture) and “bullying the media.” BJP’s national president, J.P. Nadda, suggested that the bloc’s actions were reminiscent of the Emergency era and called on them to prioritize constructive work and the welfare of the people.

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