Home NEWS Artist Creates Model Of Iconic Barcelona Church Using Ice Cream Cones

Artist Creates Model Of Iconic Barcelona Church Using Ice Cream Cones

Artist Creates Model Of Iconic Barcelona Church Using Ice Cream Cones

Tanaka Tatsuya is taking internet by storm with his miniature art made with food

Creativity can exist in any form, be it a painting, a sculpture and even food. Over the years, food has become a popular medium of expression. The use of art to create visual marvels has increased, and today we encountered a Japanese food artist who has changed how we look at food. Tatsuya Tanaka has received attention on the internet, all thanks to his miniature food art. Tanaka transforms everyday edibles into tiny works of art. Once he turned humble cups of noodles into a mini drum kit. Not too long ago, he floated a tiny boat on the surface of a coffee cup, making waves in the miniature art world. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for creativity, his latest masterpiece is a miniature version of the Sagrada Familia, an iconic church in Barcelona, crafted entirely from ice cream cones.
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In his video, Tatsuya Tanaka arranges the cones to make a tiny replica of the architectural marvel. He also cuts some cones in half and uses wafers to create the design on the front floor. When the building is finished, he adds small trees and human-shaped toys to make the art look real. He used everyday items to create a little world that’s both charming and lifelike.
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Take a look at his video below:

The video was captioned “Making of Sagrada Familia”. It has truly wowed the internet, amassing an impressive 1.4 million views. In the comments section, hundreds of people showered Tanaka with appreciation for his remarkable artistry.
A person wrote, “What a great life you have!”
“Always fabulous!!!!!!”, another added.
A user appreciated the artist by writing, “Great work.”
Another user praised, “Just fantastic! It looks like it even without you sharing the title. I love your work.”
Someone penned, “Love this. Your consistency to create is inspiring”
“Sagrada Vanilia”, wrote a user while naming the art.
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