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High Decibel Battles and King’s Meter Verdicts

High Decibel Battles and King’s Meter Verdicts

In the electrifying realm of Bigg Boss Telugu, every day brings new drama, challenges, and revelations. Day 13 was no different, as the housemates faced intense tasks and the King’s Meter verdicts.

The High Decibel Battle for Mayastra: Shivaji’s Triumph

Throughout the week, housemates had been competing fiercely for the coveted Mayastra, a task that promised four weeks of immunity and the result of which is announced by Nagarjuna. Host Nagarjuna commented that Amardeep had faltered with pauses, and Shakeela had struggled with maintaining the right distance from the equipment. In the end, Nagarjuna announced that Shivaji had emerged victorious in this acoustical showdown, securing four weeks of immunity.

King’s Meter Verdicts: Green, Yellow, and Red

Nagarjuna decided to use the ‘King’s Meter’ to assess the contestants. The meter had three colors: Green, indicating excellent gameplay; Yellow, signifying an average performance; and Red, highlighting a subpar effort. Here’s how Nagarjuna’s royal judgments unfolded:

  • Amardeep received a well-deserved Green, with Nagarjuna acknowledging his improved gameplay.
  • Shakeela was granted a Yellow, an evaluation that teetered close to Green, indicating that she was doing reasonably well.
  • Sandeep received a Green, signifying his commendable performance.
  • Priyanka, however, was marked with a sobering Red. Nagarjuna expressed concerns about her focus waning from the game, which Priyanka vehemently denied.
  • Pallavi Prashanth received a Green, but Nagarjuna playfully scolded him for failing to care for a single plant, despite being a farmer’s child.
  • Prince earned the coveted Green, with Nagarjuna appreciating his efforts in the Pull Raja Pull task. Nag emphasized the importance of pleasing fellow contestants along with completing tasks.
  • Gowtham faced some serious scrutiny from Nagarjuna, especially for his comments about Prince taking steroids for bodybuilding. As a result, Gowtham received a Red and was asked to remove his shirt and display his physique.
  • Subhasree also earned a Red, with Nagarjuna noting her lack of focus on the game.
  • Damini, despite her talent, received a Red. Nagarjuna urged her to excel in physical tasks as well.
  • Shobhashetty’s underwhelming performance garnered a Red. Nagarjuna believed she wasn’t living up to the audience’s expectations.
  • Rathika, on the brink of Red, received a Yellow. Nagarjuna advised her to play as a team member rather than pursuing an individual game.
  • Finally, Tasty Teja was handed a Red for his extensive sleeping habits, as evidenced by a video clip.

Day 13 was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions, with highs and lows, drama, and a fair share of surprises. Nagarjuna’s verdicts added an extra layer of complexity to the game, leaving contestants pondering their strategies and performances.

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