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Keep a stock Superb or upgrade to a used 530d & tune it for more oomph

Keep a stock Superb or upgrade to a used 530d & tune it for more oomph
Keep a stock Superb or upgrade to a used 530d & tune it for more oomph

Will a RWD, adaptive suspension, six-cylinder engine and remap provide me with a significantly better driving experience than the Skoda?

BHPian ananbanka recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello, BHPians!

Quick Context:

I am currently driving a Superb 2.0 TSI since 2021, which I feel is amongst the best driving car in my family’s garage. The garage has a 2.0 TSI Kodiaq, 2.0P Velar, 2.0 Hybrid Hycross, 1.0 Slavia, and Grand i10 (this is our beater car).

Since the past few months, there’s been an itch to drive something with a little more oomph; something that’s more thrilling to drive. After moving from looking at a pre-owned TT, to a new Z4 M40i, to waiting for a CLE, to a pre-owned C43, I have finally zeroed in on a pre-owned 530D considering pricing and practicality. The Slavia will be sold in replacement of this 530D.

The Question:

I intend to tune the 530D with G-Power’s map bringing the performance figures to 330HP and 700NM. While the BMW is over 200KGs heavier than the Superb, will a RWD, adaptive suspension, six-cylinder engine and remap provide me with a significantly better driving experience than the Superb? Will this sort of a 530D lean more towards entry-level sports car territory?

Also, remapping the Superb is not an option. Nor is buying a pre-owned sports car, or trading / selling any other car than the Slavia from the existing garage. The choice is precisely based on the difference between a stock 2.0 Superb and a tuned 530D!

It’ll be great to have inputs from members who have driven both! If the experience is only marginally better, I would wait and invest in another car a little later. I understand that this can be fairly subjective, but would love the inputs!

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

Bud, I got to say, that is one heck of a garage! Well selected cars.

I own both cars, a tuned 530d and a Superb 2.0 TSI. The 530d is way, way more fun, way better crafted, and a lot more fun to drive.

Easily as fast as entry-level sports cars in the real world. That being said:

  • G30 530d handles better. It’s the best sporty sedan for India.
  • F10 530d is more of a luxury sedan that also goes fast. It’s got amazing grip levels, but it’s soft and you feel the weight / body roll in corners.

Even the newest F10 is anyway too old to recommend as a used buy today. Get the G30 530d – it’s a significant upgrade from the Superb in terms of build, quality, interior opulence, handling and has the best 6-cylinder diesel & AT combination in the world. Get your hands on a 6-cylinder diesel before they become extinct. In comparison to the Superb, you will laugh at the cramped rear legroom though.

Also, expand your search to see if you get lucky with a pre-worshipped M340i. Although the 530d will still be more practical (a segment higher, diesel FE on the open road, comfier suspension). But once you rev that M340i on the open road, you are gone… hook, line & sinker.

Here’s what BHPian 100Kmphormore had to say about the matter:

I’d say keep the Slavia and sell the Velar, if it’s more than 5 years old and if you can. The Slavia is relatively newer and you have a Kodiaq too in the same segment.

I drove the G30 530d and was in love the moment I gunned the accelerator. Can’t go wrong with it. Compared to the F10 this felt much sportier. I’d say look for an M5 too, that is another beast in the stock form itself.

Here’s what BHPian peace byrd had to say about the matter:

Get the G30 530D eyes closed. Recently drove a used G30 520D and I am blown away. This was the first time I drove a G30 chassis (have spent most of my selective BMW time around F30s and F10s).

It is exceptionally sorted and the handling is super-precise. Just like everyone has said, F10 is great too but more comfort-oriented.

Imagine a generic labrador vs a show dog. Both have great handling but the latter is a bit sharper.

My observations on the 520D

The good stuff:

  • Exceptionally sorted chassis dynamics. Turns at triple-digit speeds would put you to sleep (that planted)
  • While the 20D sounds rough, it pulls great. 190PS/400Nm is sufficient and can beat most vehicles on the road
  • The ZF8 feels slightly quicker here but maybe I am just imagining things. It loves keeping the engine at around 1500-1800 rpm most of the time which is a great thing (Mahindra could learn).
  • Downshifts at the drop of a hat. Full-throttle shifts happen at around 4200 rpm in D. No complaints here
  • 360 camera is really helpful as the visibility is poor. Parking sensors all around
  • Ground clearance is low but manageable. IDC Road (where Bird Automotive is located) has some terrible spots. But go slow and you won’t have any issues
  • Ergonomics is sorted. Everything falls right where you want it to. Seats are really comfortable except for the headrest
  • The sheer length shrinks around you once you start driving
  • Auto Hold is a godsend

The not-so-good:

  • The drive mode buttons do not provide the correct tactile feedback. While it is bracketed in F30 and has individual buttons in F10, here it is just a weird surface. Needs muscle memory to use without looking
  • The headrest felt weird and uncomfortable. Maybe it is my adjustment or maybe I need a neck pillow
  • 360 camera has a mind of its own. Will only show the front view when the button is pressed in a stationary car. Only reversing would show the full 360 view
  • Auto Start-Stop is garbage

Basically, if a 20D can make me so happy, I can barely imagine what a 30D will do to me. But not in a position to consider for at least 3-4 years.

Luckily, you can and you should. There are a few like a 530D.

Here are some pictures:

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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