Home CINEMA Is Sobhita Dhulipala avoiding Telugu films for Naga Chaitanya?

Is Sobhita Dhulipala avoiding Telugu films for Naga Chaitanya?


Actress Sobhita Dhulipala has garnered praise for her audacious performances in Indian web series. She has achieved the status of a fashion icon. She is currently occupied with numerous projects in Bollywood and is generating substantial income through brand endorsements, Instagram revenue, and web dramas.

However, the Telugu girl is currently uninterested in committing to Telugu film projects. Despite her involvement in films such as “Goodachari” and her significant role in Mani Ratnam’s pan-Indian film “PS”, she is currently not seeking opportunities in Tollywood.

According to a reliable source, she is intentionally avoiding Telugu films in order to prevent her personal life from being impacted by continuous media attention.

It is widely known that she and Naga Chaitanya are in a romantic relationship, and they frequently meet in both Mumbai and other places. They evade being captured by photographers in Hyderabad.


If she engages in Telugu projects, her romantic relationship with Naga Chaitanya would garner more attention from the media. Therefore, she is contentedly settled in Mumbai and maintaining her relationship with Naga Chaitanya.

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