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Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Arrested

Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Arrested
Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Arrested

In a recent turn of events, America’s one of the most popular show ‘Euphoria”s star Hunter Schafer has been taken into police custody, or in other words, arrested! The incident also revolves around the highly disheartening Palestine issue as Hunter has been set behind the bars for reasons revolving around that.

The actress is one of the biggest names in Hollywood as she has starred in humungous titles which include not only Euphoria but also others like Hunger Games and the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and more. The reason for her arrest appears to be a participation in a protest during the shoot of Joe Biden’s appearance on the ‘Late Night’ show.

As per the reports, Schafer is one of the 33 protestors who have been booked for the incident. Sources also say that that the actress is issued a summon for trespassing onto the studio property, after she participated in the protest which was was oranised to demand a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict

Interestingly, Hunter has also been caught in tape in which she can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the words “Cease-fire now” printed on them as she was being escorted out by police officials with her hands behind her back so as to restrain them.

Apparently, the protest was organized by a group named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’. The protest saw Schafer and the other protestors holding banners which called out for an end to the ongoing atrocities and an advocation towards peace. The banners included agressive slogans like “Jews to Biden: Stop arming genocide”, “No more weapons, no more war” and “Cease-fire is what we’re fighting for.”

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