Home CAR & BIKES Petrolheads share some of the driving OCDs they have in their cars

Petrolheads share some of the driving OCDs they have in their cars

Petrolheads share some of the driving OCDs they have in their cars
Petrolheads share some of the driving OCDs they have in their cars

The seemingly small stuff that usually passes off as trivial, can sometimes trigger the OCD out of us petrolheads.

BHPian Bit recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

“Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

As much as I believe in this, there is only so much we BHPians can do to shrug it off, especially in a country like India. The seemingly small stuff that usually passes off as trivial, can sometimes trigger the OCD out of us petrolheads, especially in those who prefer their cars and driving to be in perfect order and arrangement.

So my question is: What are some of those OCD triggers, that are otherwise not even worth noticing, but you DO notice while engaging with your car or driving in India?

I’ll go first (Promise that you won’t laugh): At signals and turns, I don’t know why but I expect all indicators to be in perfect sync. Whenever I see the vehicle in front of me blinking indicators at the same rate as mine (which means they both were coded to have the same number of milliseconds gap while blinking), the view of that light blinking in perfect sync with my indicator ticks, gives me immense pleasure and the moment it goes out of sync, something shatters in me

Your turn!

Here’s what BHPian F2005 had to say on the matter:

I always keep the volume and AC temperature in even numbers only! Even if the passenger changes the volume I always try to adjust it from the steering column to an even number.

Also one more OCD, the volume must always be in the correct position like below!

Here’s what BHPian SixPistons had to say on the matter:

I used to want that volume must be an even number and temperature a whole number and not a decimal. Now I want the volume to be a multiple of 5.

I want the AC to always be a whole number even at home. A decimal temperature setting is just uncomfortable.

Number Plate OCD

Always observe number plates around me and see if the numbers add up to multiples of 5 or 2.

Potholes/Breakers OCD

Try to balance out the number of potholes seen by both left and right axles wherever possible. If I see an opportunity to skip half a speed breaker on one side of the wheels, I skip the opportunity itself and try to make both wheels go over the breakers. Similar to PotHoles.

I believe if both sides go through overall even wear, there are good odds of better ride quality and both wheels being in alignment rather than one side being extremely off.

Warning Horns

I honk about 50% extra, because they may not have heard in the first case, maybe music running at high volume or busy on call and sometimes blind spots can be there too. Precautions…

Ignore impatient Honkers at Traffic lights

If someone honks a bit too much within the first 5 microseconds of the light turning green, I ignore them for 5 more seconds on purpose. This is primarily because they are being an inpatient snob(not a good word I know) in the first place.

Can’t remember more at the moment

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

I am OCD regarding anyone physically touching the front windscreen or window glasses. That, in my book, is a non-bailable offence. Noting sets me off like oily finger marks on glass, ostensibly to ‘clean the fog’. Just wait for a few seconds for the defogger to kick in before pawing off on my sparkling clean windscreen, will you!!

Here’s what BHPian parrys had to say on the matter:

In my Honda Jazz:

  • Volume level always at 15
  • AC temp always at 24, mode at auto
  • Microfibre swipe daily over the gloss black panel on the dash
  • Fixed placement of sanitiser, perfume & sunglass box (even if someone moves it, put it back immediately and ask them not to change it)
  • Door sills are wiped every week, then remember when they got dirty, and next time ask the same person to step in carefully by lifting their feet, not dragging them.
  • Always carry garbage bags, to dispose of waste if indulging in a snack stop. Food however not allowed to be consumed inside the car. Snack Stop = Eat Outside The Car.
  • Once a month, while interior cleaning, add a drop or two of antiseptic in the water spray bottle (which salons use), and wipe all touch points.

I am sure there is more…

Here’s what BHPian guyfrmblr had to say on the matter:

I have a weird habit of keeping the front passenger seat height, recline and position in sync with the driver seat. I like the way it looks when both the seats are in perfect sync. Even if someone changes it, I get it back to the original position as soon as they get down. I wish my car had memory seats, it would make my life easier to get it back to its original position whenever anyone meddles with it.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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