Home NEWS NEET and NET Exam Cancellations Leave Students in Limbo

NEET and NET Exam Cancellations Leave Students in Limbo

NEET and NET Exam Cancellations Leave Students in Limbo
NEET and NET Exam Cancellations Leave Students in Limbo

Hyderabad: Lakhs of students are in a state of despair and shock after the Government of India suddenly announced the cancellation of NEET and NET June 2024 exams. The decision quite expectedly has sent shockwaves across the nation. Not only has the enormous effort and time invested by students on the preparation gone wasted, but the dreams of lakhs of aspirants have been shattered by the latest move.

Students across the country put in their heart and soul, burning midnight oil to prepare for this exam. They even sacrificed their social lives, making their rigorous study schedules the priority, in the hope of creating a bright future for themselves. Now with this cancellation, students feel that all their hard work has gone down the drain, leaving them feeling dejected.

A disheartened student, Ankita Reddy said she had been robbed of a chance to prove her potential, “I sacrificed an entire year to prep for NEET, even to the extent of ignoring music, which is my passion. Now, the cancellation of the exam feels like a personal failure.”

Research aspirants are equally miffed and distraught about the cancellation of NET exam. “Two years of hard work was for nothing? I have lost all direction now. I was really hoping to crack NET, but this has killed my confidence,” said a research scholar at University of Hyderabad, Aparna Krishna.

Another aspirant, Ajay Chandra said, “I appeared for the exam after months of preparation and when I heard that the exam was cancelled, I felt sad that not only my effort, but my time was also wasted. I travelled 110 kms, to and fro to the exam centre.”

Outraged by the sudden cancellations, NEET and NET aspirants took to social media to vent out their anguish. “First NEET, Now UGCNET This NTA is the worst testing agency in the world. So national level examination papers are getting leaked!,” read a tweet.

“I wrote my exam only yesterday, what nonsense is this!,” fumed another netizen.

Paper leak is the new normal, said another user on X.

This will have far-reaching consequences, believes an expert. Isakalapudi Lakshmipathi, an educationist, says that the entire process was opaque and jeopardised the lives and careers of lakhs of aspiring students. “It has dented the confidence of students and parents alike in the ability of our system to be transparent and forthcoming in the examination aspect of education. This crisis of confidence will take a long time to be overcome. The system has failed the students with its ivory-towered, insensitive approach.”

While students are yet to come to terms with this, the move has left them feeling hopeless and devastated, not to mention the fact that a huge question hangs over their future.

The back to back cancellations of exams has also made students emotionally weak, affecting their mental well-being. Students say they thought that the enormous pressure that was weighing upon them will be over after the exams, but they are now under double pressure to prepare for the exam all over again and finding it hard to cope, says a city based psychologist.

Mrudula Akki, Counselling Psychologist, Army College of Dental Sciences, says, “Schools, colleges and parents can provide support and understanding by helping their students/children cognitively appraise the situation and consider possible alternatives, along with enabling them to think of Plan B.”

It is important to acknowledge the emotional upheaval while providing practical possibilities, she concludes.

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