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German Brand Gudereit Launches Two Premium Urban Commuter E-Bikes

Electric bikes continue to reshape the way people move all over the world. In Europe, electric commuter and cargo bikes have become especially popular among city-dwellers, as these types of bikes provide more access and convenience than otherwise driving a car or taking public transport would.

Adding to the growing list of urban electric bikes are two new models from German brand Gudereit. Recently launched in the UK, an article by Cycling Electric highlights the specs and features of the new ET-13.5 Evo and ET-12.5 Evo, a pair of step-through electric bicycles that sporting some impressive tech and features.

German Brand Gudereit Launches Two Premium Urban Commuter E-Bikes

Kicking things off with the Gudereit ET-13.5 Evo, this commuter e-bike features Pinion’s 12-speed gearbox that’s mated to a 28-pound-foot (40-Newton-meter) Neodrive Z20 rear hub motor. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a silent and maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt. Pinion’s gearboxes are known for their longevity, as they’re sealed from the elements and can handle a lot of miles before needing to be serviced. On top of that, they offer precise shifts even when under load or at a stop. The bike’s Neodrive motor is also pretty impressive, with the brand claiming 37,000 miles (60,000 kilometers) before needing a service.

Gudereit’s ET-13.5 Evo is equipped with a rather large 725-watt-hour battery pack that’s housed within the frame’s downtube. Although the brand doesn’t make mention of any claimed range figures, it’s worth noting that the battery pack found on the ET-13.5 Evo is larger than many other e-bikes, so we can expect quite a bit of range from this bike, especially if your trips are restricted to the urban setting.

Other features on the ET-13.5 Evo include an SR Suntour Raidon suspension fork and a Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost for added comfort. Additionally, powerful lights from Supernova illuminate the road ahead, and ensure your visibility to other road users. The price for such a well-equipped city e-bike isn’t cheap, though, and you’ll have to pay £5,595, or about $7,118 USD, for this premium e-bike.

German Brand Gudereit Launches Two Premium Urban Commuter E-Bikes

If this price seems rather steep, then perhaps the more affordable ET-12.5 Evo is better suited to your needs. Although still quite pricey at £4,499, or about $5,724, it does bring some impressive technology to the table, including the tried and tested Bosch Performance Line CX motor, as well as the Gates CDX belt drive. Instead of the Pinion gearbox, we find Enviolo’s Trekking hub here. The bike also gets the Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost and SR Sunstour Raidon suspension fork.

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