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Ukraine Drone’s Dramatic Escape From Russia’s 2 Lethal Attack Choppers

Video: Ukraine Drone's Dramatic Escape From Russia's 2 Lethal Attack Choppers

The Ukraine drone being chased by Russian fighter jets.

A Ukrainian drone was chased by two Russian combat helicopters and an airplane in the occupied territory of Crimea. A video of the dramatic chase has been posted by Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) on X (formerly Twitter) and other social media platforms. Local outlets like news agency RBC-Ukraine said that the drone was unharmed and returned to the base intact. The video, taken by the camera installed on the drone, shows a helicopter chasing the Ukrainian military asset and vanishing from the screen after sometime.

“Two enemy helicopters and a plane failed to shoot down the Ukrainian drone during a long chase,” DIU said in its post on X.

According to Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, the drone was flying in the area of Cape Tarkhankut when Russia scrambled its jet and choppers.

“Some crooked hands,” it quoted the UAV operator as saying about the encounter.

This comes on a day when Russian air defences destroyed a drone approaching Moscow. “There were no casualties or damage, according to initial reports. Emergency services are on the scene,” city’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote on Telegram.

Moscow has been targeted by a barrage of Ukrainian drone attacks in recent weeks after Kyiv vowed in July to “return” the conflict to Russia.

On Thursday, air defences in the Voskresensky district, about 60 kilometres from Moscow, destroyed a Ukrainian drone approaching the capital.

Air defences also destroyed a drone approaching Moscow on Monday, as well as two others over the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine.

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