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Church visited by Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate 175 years today

Holy Trinity Church at Bolarum

Holy Trinity Church at Bolarum
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Nestling amidst the lush greenery and surrounded by Army establishments, Holy Trinity Church at Bolarum has reached yet another illustrious milestone as it celebrates 175th year of construction on Sunday.

The Ecumenical Church affiliated to Church of South India Medak Diocese was built in classic European architecture by her Royal Highness Queen Victoria in 1847 from her own purse. The land for this historic church was donated by the Nizam’s government.

To commemorate this memorable occasion, a special mass is planned that will be attended by Bishop of CSI Medak Diocese Rev Padma Rao and other clergy.

According to church secretary Sundar, the foundation for the church was laid in February 1845, and was completed and opened to divine worship service on August 26, 1846. Initially, British Army officers, who were serving Secunderabad, used to pray there. For over a century, the church was under British Chaplaincy and after Independence was transferred to CSI Trust Association. The stained glass at the altar, the pulpit, and the bell are in their original eloquence reflective of an era gone by, Mr. Sunder pointed out.

The church had witnessed the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, who attended a special service on November 20, 1983, to celebrate her 36th wedding anniversary.

Due to its maintenance and importance given to preserve its rich heritage, the church was presented the Charminar INTACH Heritage Award in 1997. As part of the 175th year celebrations, the church committee has decided to felicitate over 30 Presbyters, who had served it.

It may be mentioned here that U.K. Deputy High Commissioner for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Gareth Wynn Owen visited the 175-year-old Holy Trinity Church at Bolarum on September 11 last year to pay floral tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth II. A special service was also conducted in her memory.

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