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Samsung talks 6G, AI, and XR innovations at IFA 2023

Last updated: September 1st, 2023 at 13:20 UTC+02:00

Many people have yet to reap the benefits of 5G connectivity, but the industry and Samsung are already thinking ahead to the next step in the evolution of network technologies. Samsung took the stage at IFA 2023 and strengthened its commitment to 6G advancements, revealing its plans and some of the tech’s advantages.

In theory, one of the greatest poised strengths of 6G is that it addresses some of the 5G’s weaknesses. Samsung says 6G will not only be faster than 5G but also more stable and reliable, have lower latency, and increase the number of devices the network can support per square kilometer.

The lower latency of 6G connectivity will enable even more precise location tracking between devices and make remote, almost-instant actions possible at greater distances.

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When 6G meets artificial intelligence (AI) and mixed reality (XR)

At IFA 2023, Samsung also strengthened its commitment to “connections that matter” and developing more advanced technologies for smart homes and device ecosystems. Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a big role in this, and Samsung’s new (or renamed) AI-driven Food app is but a taste of what’s to come.

Samsung is looking forward to future possibilities enabled by advanced technologies, and 6G, along with AI and even mixed reality (XR), are among those.

At IFA 2023, Samsung said, “With the help of 6G, AI, and XR, augmented reality and mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we will make great advances in everything from healthcare to entertainment and remote work.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably due to the fact that remote work in healthcare and other industries was also one of the touted key advantages of 5G networks. However, 6G will supposedly take this concept to the next level. As to when 6G might take shape, Samsung estimates that the network technology will be commercially available before 2030.

Speaking of XR, the company does have a new mixed reality headset in development, in partnership with Qualcomm and Google. Samsung and Google briefly teased this new XR platform earlier this year, but there’s no official release date yet. However, since Apple plans to release its Vision Pro XR headset next year, Samsung will probably respond and rise to the challenge with its own mixed reality product in 2024.

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