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“Bigg Boss” is coming with the seventh season!!

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

“Star Maa” is going to open on September 3 to a mixed sensation of excitement.. excitement of every moment. It is “Bigg Boss”.

After completing six successful seasons, the seventh season is having its grand launch on that day at 7 pm. This grander event is going to show a sample of what the wonder is going to be like, with all the beauty and grandeur to introduce a whole new world to the audience.

Star Ma Lo is going to enthrall the audience every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm in every Telugu channel. It can be seen on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. 24 X 7 streaming is available on Disney Plus Hot Star. King Nagarjuna is entering the field with a new strategy to lead this new format that is not meeting the expectations in a more appealing and unique way.

As the host of the show, Nagarjuna is going to deal the house in his own style. What is Ulta Pulta? What actually happens in the house? The audience thinks that they are not getting any clue. Ever since the promos of Bigg Boss season 7 were aired on Star, the same discussion has been going on among the audience.

As every season starts – whatever the guesses and speculations of the audience about who is going to enter the house, the truth will be revealed. On the whole, it seems that Bigg Boss season 7 is going to be completely different to the audience.

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