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Dog Park In Ludhiana: Punjab’s first dog park built in Ludhiana, facilities from swimming pool to Pet Cafe

Ludhiana, Varinder Rana. Punjab First Dog Park There is good news for dog lovers. Punjab’s first dog park is ready in BIS Nagar, Ludhiana. It has been built on one and a half acres. This park will be inaugurated on Monday evening. This park will be opened from Tuesday. This will be the first park in the state where people can bring their pet dogs and roam around. Not only this, 15 different types of activities have also been kept for dogs in this park.

People can also celebrate the birthdays of dogs in the park. A fee of Rs 40 will have to be paid to walk your dog in this park throughout the day. in the park in the coming days Dog Clinic facility will be available. There are 892 parks in the metropolis for common people to visit. People cannot bring their pet dogs in these. However, sometimes some people secretly bring their pet dogs on the pretext of taking them for a walk in the morning and evening, which often becomes a cause of controversy.

This is the reason why the idea of ​​planning a dog park in the city started two years back. So that people can use the park to walk their dogs. The corporation has prepared a dog park on about one and a half acres in Bhai Randhir Singh (BRS) Nagar behind Zone D. Not a single penny has been spent by the corporation on this park. This park will be run by the Doctor Dog Hospital Company of Hyderabad.

Many types of games are included, from swing to

In the park, 15 different types of games have been arranged by the company for the dogs. This includes swing and many other types of games. The facility of swimming pool has also been kept in it. Pet café has also been opened for dog lovers to buy items for their pet dogs. Here you can get other things related to dog’s food and drink. Along with this, there will be some food facility for the people who bring the dog along.

It is necessary to follow these rules (Dog Park Rules)

-If a child under 13 years of age brings a dog, he must be accompanied by an adult.

-Dog should be obedient to his master’s voice.

– A rope around the dog’s neck should be necessary.

-Excited and excessive barking dogs will be thrown out of the park.

The owner will compensate for the damage caused by the dog in the park.

Your dog has to be prevented from jumping on other dogs or people.

-Dogs that get excited after seeing people or other dogs will not be allowed to enter.

-The park management will not be responsible for any injury or theft to the dog.

Swings and games will be used only for the dog.

-If litter is spread in the park, the owner will have to clean it.

-Dog must be accompanied by a teenager at least 16 years old.

Prohibited items – There should not be sharp or thorny dog ​​collars.

There will be no entry of the dog in the heat.

Sick dogs will not be brought to the park.

This is the first dog park in Punjab, here people can bring their pet dogs. This park will be inaugurated on Monday evening. It will be opened to the general public from Tuesday. Along with this, he has also given a proposal to senior officials to open dog parks in the remaining three zones of the corporation zone. – Dr. Harbans Dhalla, Senior Veterinary Officer

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