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Popular Sequel To Become Troll Material?

Chandramukhi was a sensational blockbuster back then with its horror comedy genre. It was an official remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Manichitra Thalu’ made in 1993. It revived the career of Superstar Rajinikanth and extended the career of the outdated director P Vasu after a spree of flops.

P. Vasu later made Maharadhi and Nagavalli, but both movies ended up as huge disasters. His Nagavalli with Venkatesh has become the biggest troll material. With his mannerisms in the story, Nagavalli became a center for trolls and criticism.

After many years, the same director decided to make a sequel to Chandramukhi. Though Nagavalli was promoted as Chandramukhi’s sequel, the director seems to be disowning it now by declaring Lawrence’s Chandramukhi 2 as its sequel. Well, not even a single promo or song of Chandramukhi 2 with Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut managed to entice the audience.

Raghava Lawrence’s look as Vettaia looked like a spoof role and his appearance could not even come close to that of Rajini’s. The trailer was released yesterday and it looked like a spoof copy of Chandramukhi. From Kangana’s looks to Rao Ramesh’s appearance, Chandramukhi 2 is entertaining the folks on Twitter in a different way than expected. The social media already started using some of the shots for trolls.

It has to be seen if Chandramukhi 2 can bring the same or better feel the original did, but the content released so far doesn’t look like it.

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