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An expert music teacher in Bhuj makes students study other subjects with the help of modern technology. | An expert music teacher in Bhuj makes students study other subjects with the help of modern technology.

Kutch (Bhuj)10 hours ago

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Every year 5th September is celebrated as National Teacher’s Day in memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna, former president of the great educationist country, his birthday is celebrated all over India. A teacher’s role is valued in society. In the new generation, the teacher is not only teaching but also instilling high values. In that too, children consider their teacher as an ideal and look forward to life by adopting their qualities and values. A good teacher becomes a living example of ideal life not only for the society but also for hundreds of children studying in the school. Then Bhuj’s hard-working and discerning teacher who, along with the music teacher, makes the study of other subjects very easy like a common teacher who has a vision for the needs of the school children.

Having been clairvoyant since birth, the elder brother Luhar has developed his skill in music ignoring the defect given by nature. At present he is studying at Bhuj’s Hathisthan Kumar school no. Serves as a music teacher in 5th grade. Children are taught various musical instruments along with worshiping the tunes of music. Along with this, showing his dedication, he takes periods of other subjects like a normal teacher keeping in view the needs of the school and children. Seeing which even children become speechless. As they are visually impaired, they cannot make children study by reading books like a normal teacher. But yet they have found a way out of this too by being an example of being a true educator and concern for children who do not give up.

Regarding this, Umarbhai says that, keeping in mind the needs of the school and the children, instead of just sitting for music lessons, I thought that if I take another period in my remaining time, I can be useful to the children, but since I am blind in both eyes, the question arose as to how to teach the children without reading. . As I pondered over it, I found the solution. He adds that, online st. Recorded videos of Gujarati subjects from 1 to 5 are available. So downloaded it in my home laptop. Connecting my speaker to the laptop. So that the children in the class can see and listen to the teacher reading the lesson in the video, I stop the video and explain the meaning of the lesson to the children. Children are also having a lot of fun studying this way.

As scenes appear on the screen, they sit with concentration and gain understanding
Along with this, I teach the children the entire lesson by doing question-answer etc. I bring laptop and speaker from home. Because, since it is set up in a way that suits me, I can easily use it for presentations. Talking to the school children, they also said that, seeing the teacher, despite being bright, makes us study hard, it makes us feel that we can do whatever we want in life. Any problem is only a problem until it is solved. Our music teacher is an inspiration to us. He says that I can complete my work well because of the support of the school principal and staff in this entire work.

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