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How Tillu Square Missed This Simple Logic?

Tillo SquareThe postponement of the movie ‘Salaar’ has caused a ripple effect in the release dates of other films. One such film, ‘Skanda’ starring Ram Pothineni, was originally slated for release on September 15, but it has now been pushed to September 28.

Additionally, ‘Tillu Square,’ featuring Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran, was initially set to hit theaters on September 15.

However, the film’s release has been officially postponed due to ongoing post-production work. The new release date has not been specified yet, and unconfirmed sources say they are looking to release it in October or November.

The makers of Tillu Square could have grabbed the September date as Skanda did. It is one of the best dates with many holidays, and Tillu Square would have become the most buzzy film of the September 28 releases.

But the makers missed out on such a lucrative date owing to post-production work. Just like the first part, DJ Tillu, the team of Tillu Square is also pushing things till the last minute, doing reparations to the film to get better output.

Now, along with Skanda, two small-budget films, ‘Rules Ranjan’ and ‘MAD,’ are releasing. If ‘Tillu Square’ had come out on that date, it would have garnered the most attention due to the hype associated with it because of the sequel factor and popular music.

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