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4 Lakh Indians May Die Without Green Card

USA-Green-Card-IndiansIt is known that the Green Cards in the USA grant the permission for non-residents to permanently reside in the country. It is a highly esteemed system and is greatly desired by the Indian community in particular.

Coming to the topic, a report from Cato Institute says that over 11 lakh Indians are on the waiting list to get the green cards.

As per calculations, over 4 lakh of these individuals might die without green cards, given the enormous waiting list and the US government’s ‘quota’ for these cards.

The USA Employment department has 18 lakh applicants for green cards and a whopping 63% of them are Indians.

It would take a staggering 134 years for all the applicants to get a green card in the USA and this is humanely impossible. New applicants might have to wait their entire lifetime and there is still no guarantee of them getting a green card.

The green card applications linked with the family system are at 83 lakh which is again another staggering statistic.

With an enormous number of students queuing up to the USA over the past few years, the waiting times will only get a whole lot longer.

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