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Chandrababu Naidu Arrest: Chilakaluripeta TDP Stuns Entire State!

Chilakaluripeta TDPTDP President Chandrababu Naidu has always said that every crisis presents an opportunity. Indeed, TDP leader Pulla Rao has followed this principle and achieved success today. However, some TDP cadre in Guntur district were hesitant about Pulla Rao’s conduct.

He enjoyed power when CBN was the Chief Minister but distanced himself after TDP lost the 2019 elections. A few cadre members even complained about Pullarao to CBN and urged him not to grant the Chilakaluripet ticket to Pulla Rao in the upcoming elections.

The arrest of former CM Chandrababu Naidu created tension on the Chilakaluripet Urban National Highway for an hour and ten minutes. Upon receiving information that former CM Chandrababu Naidu was being transported to Vijayawada via the Chilakaluripet National Highway, Pulla Rao quickly mobilized TDP workers from the Pattipati Pullarao Constituency. They successfully halted Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy on the Jati Highway.

Earlier in the day, former minister Pattipati Pullarao was placed under house arrest by the local police, who were deployed throughout the town. Around 1:30 PM, TDP supporters from rural areas of Chilakaluripet gathered and approached Vastu Martur via the Chandrababu Naidu National Highway.

They deployed an Anna canteen vehicle on the national highway, effectively blocking the road from one side while maintaining a short distance on the other. At approximately 1:40 PM, when Babu’s convoy reached Chilakaluripet, TDP workers protested and forced the convoy to take an alternative route through the wrong side of the convent road. TDP activists blocked the national highway for about 50 minutes.

The police appeared to struggle in controlling the large number of TDP activists. As TDP activists protested against the police’s lathi charge for obstructing Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy, it became evident that the police had difficulty managing the situation. After 50 minutes, Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy proceeded from Chilakaluripet, as Telugu Desam Party workers allowed it to pass.

Large numbers of TDP workers from rural areas came out in support of Chandrababu Naidu and expressed their solidarity. Former Minister Pattipati Pulla Rao strategically supported the TDP workers, and they managed to halt Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy for an hour without stopping anywhere else in the state. This earned Pulla Rao great recognition in Chilakaluripet.

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