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Dell G15 (5530) Review: Retro on the Outside

Dell G15 (5530) Review: Retro on the Outside

Even among the best gaming laptops, it takes a lot to catch someone’s eye. After all, it’s a sea of black, red, and RGB out there. So when I first laid my eyes on the new Dell G15 ($1,659.99 as tested, $899.99 to start), my eyes opened wide. Is that purple? Yes, yes it is.

Besides offering a few fun color options, Dell may draw your eye in a few other ways with this laptop, including the option for a bright, vivid, 165 Hz 1080p display and strong performance with an Intel Core i7 and Nvidia RTX 4060.

But if you do get a G15, you’ll want to be careful when reviewing the specs, as some unfortunate choices were made to get the entry-level model’s price down, and the fun colors are only included with very limited specs.

Design of the Dell G15 (5530)

I’m a Millennial. I distinctly recall drinking out of cups with this pattern on them (probably in a Baja Fresh or something). I was a bit young for Trapper Keepers, but my Gen X colleagues sure had them in all of their multi-colored glory. I was also not exactly the target audience for any of the Lisa Frank school supplies some of my classmates had, but I had a yellow Game Boy Color, and my brother’s was indigo. I knew people who had Bondi Blue iMacs (but my family had a dusty, yellowing Gateway. I digress!). In short, I grew up in a much more colorful time.

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