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Toyota Century SUV Unveiled – Features, Specs, Launch Details

The new flagship SUV from Toyota, the Century, has been officially revealed through images. Originating as a chauffeur-driven sedan in Japan in 1967, the Century is still sold in the Japanese market. The Century SUV marks the second addition to Toyota’s premium luxury product lineup, with its release scheduled for Japan this year, followed by other markets. Toyota currently has no plans to introduce the new Century luxury SUV in India. Here are some key details about the vehicle:

Powertrain: The new Toyota Century SUV is equipped with a 3.5L V6 petrol engine paired with plug-in hybrid technology, resulting in a power output of 406bhp. The SUV is claimed to offer an electric range of up to 69km on the WLTC cycle. It features multiple drive modes, including Normal, Eco, Sport, and Rear Comfort.

Toyota Century Features

Toyota highlights that the motor and engine deliver powerful and exhilarating acceleration performance. Additionally, it boasts a four-wheel steering system called “Dynamic Rear Steering,” ensuring smooth handling at low speeds and natural handling at medium to high speeds.

Dimensions: The overall dimensions of the new Century SUV are as follows: length – 5,205mm, width – 1,990mm, height – 1,805mm. Compared to the Century sedan, the four-seat SUV is 130mm shorter, 60mm wider, and 300mm taller. It has a wheelbase of 2,950mm and a curb weight of 2,570kg.

Toyota Century Interior

The SUV’s rear doors open 75 degrees, facilitating easy ingress and egress. Both side steps are power-reclining units. It has newly-developed “luggage compartment separate structure”.

Features: The new Toyota Century SUV is loaded with advanced features, including dual 12.3-inch displays (one for the infotainment system and one for instrumentation), an 18-speaker sound system, multifunction steering wheel, two removable 5.5-inch touchscreen control panels, two 11.6-inch TVs, a refrigerator, rotating picnic tables, digital rearview mirror, wireless phone charger, heated steering wheel, and more.

Toyota Century SUV Unveiled – Features, Specs, Launch Details

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