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Best MagSafe adapters for Android in 2023

Want to use MagSafe accessories with your Android? Here’s a collection of adapters you can use to do that.

As an Android user, it’s understandable to be curious about Apple’s MagSafe technology. You also might be wondering if MagSafe works with high-end Android phones. The answer is yes! MagSafe is just like Qi wireless charging but with magnets thrown in for alignment purposes. Still, MagSafe is a pretty clever concept, and since there are a lot of interesting third-party MagSafe chargers (and tons of MagSafe accessories) out there, you might be interested in picking one up for your Android device.

To enjoy MagSafe features on your non-Apple phone, you will first need to buy either a MagSafe ring or a MagSafe-compatible phone case. Then, you’ll be able to use MagSafe accessories like power banks, wallets, car mounts, grips, and more. We’ve put both rings and cases in our list below.

  • Nillkin MagSafe Ring Magnet

    Editor’s choice

    This magnetic ring is only 1.5mm thick and comes with 3M adhesive on the back so that it firmly latches onto the back of your phone or case. The magnet itself is powerful, and the product looks pretty premium. You get two pieces in a pack in black, purple, blue, and white.

  • PopSockets Adapter Ring for MagSafe

    PopSockets Adapter Ring for MagSafe

    Affordable pick

    These adapter rings allow you to experience MagSafe features on your Android phone, and they’re pretty affordable. These rings come in black and white colors and are made of stainless steel. This allows MagSafe-compatible accessories to latch on and secure your smartphone in position. The best part is that the ring is really thin, so it shouldn’t cause any issues with your case.

  • ESR MagSafe HaloLock Ring

    ESR MagSafe HaloLock Ring

    Thin pick

    $16 $19 Save

    This ESR magnetic sticker ring is a convenient way to enjoy MagSafe accessories with your Android device. This ring can be attached to your case or the back of your phone, and you can pair it with MagSafe chargers, car mounts, rings, battery packs, and more. You get two rings in each pack, and you can pick from black, blue, and white color options.

  • Spigen MagFit Adapter

    Spigen MagFit Adapter

    Sleek pick

    Spigen also has an offering for MagSafe enthusiasts. This MagFit adapter ring transforms your regular case into a MagSafe-compatible case. We loved the design on this one, and we like that it comes in three colors — matte black, silver, and carbon. Do note that the company says the ring won’t work great with leather, suede, or silicone cases.

  • Mous-S23-Case

    Mous MagSafe Compatible Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Premium pick

    This Mous MagSafe case not only makes your Galaxy S23 Ultra ready for MagSafe accessories — the level of protection is also excellent. This case is available in a variety of finishes (Carbon Fiber, Bamboo, Black Leather, Walnut, and Speckled Black Fabric) and all of them look pretty premium. The microfiber lining inside the case ensures it won’t leave your S23 Ultra with any long-term scars.

  • Pusiikeer Magnetic Phone Case for Nothing Phone 2

    Pusiikeer Magnetic Phone Case for Nothing Phone 2

    MagSafe case with kickstand

    Are you a proud owner of the Nothing Phone 2? If you’re looking for a MagSafe case for your device, then this product from Pusiikeer is a great choice. The polycarbonate case not only features a metal ring for MagSafe accessories but also a pull-out ring that lets you hold the phone more comfortably and doubles up as a kickstand. And it’s a clear case, so it won’t interrupt your Glyph lights.

  • FNDMIL Magnetic Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

    FNDMIL Magnetic Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

    Two-tone design

    The FNDMIL case is a mix of soft silicone and hard plastic, and it, of course, features an integrated metal ring, which means your Pixel 7 or 7 Pro can support MagSafe accessories. The case promises military-grade drop protection and features anti-scratch and anti-smudge coating.

  • TORRAS Magnetic Guardian for Google Pixel 7a

    TORRAS Magnetic Guardian for Google Pixel 7a

    Aesthetic pick

    If you own a Pixel 7a, then this is the case for you. This Torras case allows you to enjoy MagSafe accessories as it features a metal ring integrated into it. It has a matte finish and you can buy it in Black Obsidian, Navy Blue, and Sky Blue colors. The case itself is pretty sturdy and is made of TPU and silicone.

Is it safe to use a MagSafe charger with an Android phone?

As we mentioned earlier, MagSafe is simply a method to align the coil of your wireless charger with the coil inside your phone, upon which your battery gets charged thanks to electromagnetic induction. So, as long as your phone supports wireless charging, you should definitely give this tech a go. Another plus is that you get to use a lot of accessories thanks to the magnet attached to your Android phone.

In our opinion, the best option is to find a MagSafe case for your Android phone, like the Mous MagSafe case above, which we highly recommend if you own a Galaxy S23 Ultra. The best part about a MagSafe case is that you don’t have to stick anything to your phone; plus there’s no risk of it coming off. But then again, going for a PopSocket adapter is such a convenient and affordable way to add MagSafe compatibility to your Android smartphone that it kinda makes sense to go down this route too.

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