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Disney Unveils Ahsoka, Zootopia, Encanto Add-Ons to Theme Parks

The Madrigal family in a promo poster for Disney's Encanto.

Image: Disney Animation

It’s that time of year where Disney uses its Destination23 showcase to unveil the array of changes that’ll be coming to its theme parks within the next couple of years, and several of those will highlight some of the company’s current (and biggest) releases. According to Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro, these changes are all part of the company’s big push over the next decade to have “more projects underway than at any point in our history.”

At the top of things is Star Wars: Ahsoka, which will be hitting Star Tours in 2024. During April’s Star Wars Celebration, lead Imagineer Scott Trowbridge teased the show would be a destination for the famous ride, along with fellow upcoming series Skeleton Crew and (possibly) The Acolyte. (It’s possible that if both shows are impacted by the Hollywood strikes, their intended destinations have been delayed in some capacity.) The plan is for Ahsoka and other shows to be featured at all three Star Tours parks in Anaheim, CA, Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL, and Disneyland Paris.

Also highlighted during the conference were the string of changes coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. A new show based on Zootopia and that film’s different biomes is in the works for the Tree of Life theater, and see parkgoers interact with characters like Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Disney also revealed it’ll be reimagining the Dinoland part of the park into a new land inspired by northern South America and part of Central America, in what’s being collectively dubbed the “tropical Americas.” What’s more, experiences based on both Charm and Indiana Jones (just the adventurer) are being considered for after said reimagining has been completed. In the case of Indy, maybe it’ll be a snake habitat?

The full list of additions to come to Disney’s theme parks and resorts, including cruise ships and international locations like Shanghai, can be read here.

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