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Glad with Mahindra’s willingness to sort out issues with my XUV700

I heard a concerning noise coming from the engine & took the SUV to the service centre where it received special care.

BHPian rudra_shiv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Continuing from my previous post about the Wiring Loom routing recall for the Brake Potentiometer announced by M&M in this thread:

Received a message from Mr. Dileep on August 21st that the parts had arrived for the recall. I planned to complete it either this Friday or in the first week of September, combining it with the TPMS installation.

However, on the very next day, an unexpected turn of events occurred. While idling the engine as part of my usual cold start routine before heading to a nearby relative’s place, I suddenly heard a distinct “tak tak” sound from the engine. The noise seemed like that of a loose tappet or lifter and was notably louder with the hood closed.

Listening closely, I realized the sound was more prominent, raising concerns. Despite considering the possibility of it being due to a cold start, the noise persisted even after a 5km drive and 5 minutes of idling. This unexpected development left me puzzled about the cause of the issue.

Immediately recorded it and sent it to Mr. Ronald. He suggested bringing RUDRA to the ASC as he wants to diagnose it before anything goes out of hand. Glad that they are attentive & are willing to immediately sort out things.

Here is the recording of the tak-tak sound coming from the engine.

Parallelly I was seeking support from Mr. Avinash Birnale (though he is a dieselhead, he has a very good understanding of M&M, the engine, and XUV), Mr. Suganth, and Mr. NRP (Whatsapp Club mStallion heads). Thanks to them for their quick support. NRP recently got his engine replaced hence his recording did not match the sound I was getting, and neither did it match Suganth’s. That elevated my worry a bit more. Avinash reached out to his connections to check what had gone unusual here and came back that it could be bad fuel or an issue with the Serpentine belt.

Had to reschedule some of the work to Thursday and decided to rush to ASC and get it fixed. Reached ASC around 12PM amidst the hot and sour traffic here. Ronald & Dileep were waiting for RUDRA and it was immediately attended to without a wait. Surprised that being the second day of the week the ASC was filled with XUVs.

RUDRA was taken for a spin just to make sure everything was okay. That sound of tak tak magically disappeared and it did not reproduce after starting it 3hrs from its cool down state too. Looks like mStallion has this secret understanding with the ASCs. According to the ASC, this could be the hydraulic lifter sound as a result of the morning cold start (oil takes time to flow up). ASC took special care to check if there was anything wrong and reverted that there was nothing to be worried about. RUDRA is sound and beast.

Took this opportunity to complete the recall, update the SW, and fix the tail lamp plastic snapping out at times.

Here are the quick pics for your view

The parts and place behind this recall

Well, one can’t notice it immediately though. Requires a bit of a closer look to see it.

It is just a 15-minute job altogether. Highlighted in the pics are those wires under the fuse box which are insulated and tied to the body to avoid it being scraped by the bolt.

The latest version of the SW & Firmware Version for your reference

I am seeing this in the DTC error log, anyways need to check with the ASC if this is something unusual.

A sneak-peak of how Mappls look when shared via CarPlay

If somebody from M&M or the Mappls team is reading this, kindly consider that:

  • There are people like me who do want to support the India-based Mappls App. But they are a long way to go.
  • Routes suggestions in the Mappls are not optimized + the laggy interface with CarPlay + UI via CarPlay feels like using an app from a decade ago.
  • They should bring multi-touch to pinch and zoom via CarPlay.
  • Find a way to open a location shared in WhatsApp that can be opened in Mappls without any fuss.

Until then, Google Maps is my go-to app for Navigation with RUDRA.

Do you think, I would miss out on clicking the coolest-looking Apple Maps in the MID?

CAI ASC just took 2.5-3 hours to complete the recall, patching SW, and fixing the tail lamp plastic. Dileep, Ronald, Vishnu, and Saranth were all supportive all the time.

The good part is they have a decent customer lounge to wait. I was there for the whole 3hours taking my Work from ASC.

And also some good books to read.

Here’s my take on this latest update:

  • The UI now feels more fluidic and responsive.
  • Wireless CarPlay is currently stable post-update; monitoring for any changes.
  • I can not use Mappls as I chose not to renew the subscription.
  • Apple Maps is now projected on MID, though it needs improvement in India at a great time.
  • Flashing EMS ECU alongside this update resets data like Avg. FE, memory seats, and audio settings; M&M should consider helping customers restore these.

The CarPlay now has a missed opportunity for widget management on the home screen. If you notice, the home screen has a map and directions widget on the page, I think that directions part could’ve been replaced with something else useful – maybe a weather widget, contact widget or a small icon for SIRI etc.

It’s too early to say that FE took a hit (-1.5kmpl, now MID stands at 11kmpl) after this update as I have just covered 50kms after the update.

I am hoping the unusual hydraulic lifter sound won’t crop up again.

Another Kerala drive is just around the corner but this time is more on the spiritual side.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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