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Best Graphics Cards 2023 – Top Gaming GPUs for the Money

Best Graphics Cards 2023 – Top Gaming GPUs for the Money

The best graphics cards are the beating heart of any gaming PC, and everything else comes second. Without a powerful GPU pushing pixels, even the fastest CPU won’t manage much. While no one graphics card will be right for everyone, we’ll provide options for every budget and mindset below. Whether you’re after the fastest graphics card, the best value, or the best card at a given price, we’ve got you covered.

Where our GPU benchmarks hierarchy ranks all of the cards based purely on performance, our list of the best graphics cards looks at the whole package. Current GPU pricing, performance, features, efficiency, and availability are all important, though the weighting becomes more subjective. Factoring in all of those aspects, these are the best graphics cards that are currently available.

Our list now includes AMD’s RX 7800 XT, which effectively replaces in price and performance the previous generation RX 6800 XT, plus a few extras. All current generation GPUs are now selling at or below their respective MSRPs, but generational pricing has trended upward in many cases.

AMD and Nvidia have now wrapped up their latest generation GPU lineups, unless there are still plans for an RTX 4050 at the bottom of the stack. It’s not clear what such a chip might entail at this point, possibly 8GB of memory on a 128-bit interface (again), or could Nvidia try foisting a 96-bit 6GB card on the market? Hopefully the former rather than the latter.

Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs meanwhile still rate more as previous generation hardware, as they’re manufactured on TSMC N6 and compete more directly against the RTX 3060 and RX 6700 10GB instead of newer parts. However, Arc A750 priced at $199 remains a very competitive option, if you don’t mind the occasional driver snafus and higher power use.

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