Home NEWS Bumrah shook Babar! Didn’t even touch the ball!

Bumrah shook Babar! Didn’t even touch the ball!

Bumrah shook Babar!  Didn't even touch the ball!

He is the number one batsman.. But in front of the bowler of Team India, Jujube. That number one batsman is not who.. Pakistan captain Babar Azam. And the bowler who shook this star batter is not someone else.. Team India speedster Bumrah. It is known that the India-Pak match is being held in Group 4 as part of the Asia Cup. Batting first in this match, India lost only 2 wickets and made a huge score of 356 runs. Rohit and Gill burst with half-centuries. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul started with super-centuries. After that, team India bowlers are showing dots to Pakistan who entered the ring with a huge target. In particular, Bumrah threatened the Pakistan captain and boiled the water of three ponds.

Jasprit Bumrah.. is coming as the backbone of Team India’s bowling force. Bumrah is capable of suffocating the opponent with his sharp swing and pace. Recently, Bumrah has shown points to Pakistan captain Babar in Group 4 match as part of Asia Cup 2023. Team India’s bowlers are hitting Pakistan with a huge target of 357 runs. Especially speedster Bumrah impressed with his excellent pace attack. In the 4th over of the innings, the opener overthrew Imam-ul-Haq (9) with his swing.

It must be said that this match was a nightmare for Pakistan captain Babar who came into the crease. Babar who batted in the 5th over bowled by Bumrah did not score at least one run. Babar, who is becoming the number one batsman in ODIs, could not cope with Bumrah’s bowling. It is noteworthy that 10 balls he faced in Bumrah’s bowling were dot balls. Bumrah bowled two overs to Babar.. Babar scored only one run. By this you can understand how much Babar was afraid of Bumrah’s bowling. Babar’s job is to watch when he bowls.

Babar, who lost confidence due to Bumrah’s blow, gave the wicket to Hardik Pandya in the next over. Pandya bowled Babar with a brilliant in-swing. At present the match has been stopped due to rain. Pakistan lost 2 wickets and scored 44 runs in 11 overs. Mohammed Rizwan (1) and Fakhar Zaman (14) at the crease. And share your views on Bumrah’s bowling that shook Babar in the form of comments.

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