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Christian Louboutin Drops The Most Electrifying Sneakers

The hottest kicks in the market right now

Sneakers were once exclusively for playing sport and frumpy dudes who’d pick practicality over fashion. Now, they case the feet of every Tom, Dick, Harry and their fathers. In fact, no other item in your wardrobe has gone through a seismic style evolution as much as the trusted sneaker. They come white, bright, long and chunky, and you can wear them pretty much everywhere. But how do you cut the noise in an oversaturated market and pick the best from the rest? Arguably with Christian Louboutin’s sexy new ASTROLOUBI that borrows from 90’s basketball and skater-boy street culture but is very much made for present-day use.

To be fair, if there’s one shoe brand to have sitting in your wardrobe, it’s Louboutin. The French maestro, through his decorative career—spanning over three decades—has defined and redefined what it means to wear good-looking footwear. Shoes that are a work of art as much as they are meant to walk ahead. The ASTROLOUBI that comes in five colourways, including a dizzying 90’s mash-up, happy pastel and an easy-to-wear minimalistic version, is a prime example. The additional trappings of signature spikes, detailed trimmings, strong graphic lines and the unmissable ‘CL’ varsity logo stamped on the outsole add to the drama. Of course, the signature red sole lays the foundation for these heroes.

Unlike many designer shoes that often come in one material, these kicks take luxury to a new level, thanks to an interplay of buttery soft calfskin leather, smooth suede, soft satin and delicious nappa leather. Textures that are meant to last a lifetime but sitting under what is undoubtedly an electrifying here-and-now CL pair, you can be damn sure is going to make heads turn. Isn’t that, after all, really the point of wearing hype sneakers today?

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