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Housemates Turn the Tables with “Ulta Pulta” Nominations

Housemates Turn the Tables with “Ulta Pulta” Nominations
Housemates Turn the Tables with “Ulta Pulta” Nominations

Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu is garnering good viewership and most of the audiences opining that this season is much better than the previous two seasons. In a surprising twist on Day 8 of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu, the nomination process took an unexpected turn. Traditionally, housemates nominate two fellow contestants for eviction. However, this season introduced the “Ulta Pulta” scheme, reversing the nomination dynamics.

Under this new format, contestants have to stand in front of their housemates, and those who wish to nominate them must step forward and justify their decision. This novel approach added a layer of transparency and intrigue to the nominations. The proceedings began with Sandeep, the Power Astra winner, nominating Prince. Sandeep cited Prince’s perceived weakness as the reason behind his nomination. Prince vehemently defended himself, arguing that Sandeep was intentionally targeting him.

Teja, the next nominee, faced nominations from Shubhasree and Rathika. Their justifications were rooted in past disagreements and their perception of Teja as a lazy contestant. Prashant also nominated Teja, citing his ill-temperament. However, when Damini took the stage, no housemates came forward to nominate her, signaling that she enjoyed some favor within the group.

Shivaji, on the other hand, faced multiple nominations. Amar nominated him, asserting that Shivaji consistently undermined his game by comparing it to Prashant’s. Priyanka also nominated Shivaji for his reluctance to participate in domestic chores and his arrogant behavior. Shakeela and Shobha followed suit, nominating Shivaji for different reasons, including his perceived strength as a competitor and his treatment of fellow housemates. Damini nominated Shivaji for his ill-advised prank involving Shakeela, emphasizing the importance of respecting mental health. This sequence also saw Priyanka breaking into tears while recalling an interaction with Shivaji.

The nominations continued, with Gowtham nominating Prashant, questioning his authenticity as a common man due to his status as a social influencer. The process grew more intense as tensions flared between the housemates, especially when Amar nominated Prashant. Amar stated that Prashant is behaving like a hypocrite and playing sympathy cards intentionally.

What’s particularly intriguing is that the housemates appeared to divide into two groups: one comprising those who work for STAR MAA channel in various capacities, and the other composed of contestants with different backgrounds. This division is noteworthy given that the show airs on STAR MAA, adding an extra layer of complexity to the dynamics within the house.

The “Ulta Pulta” nominations will continue in the following episode, promising more drama, tensions, and surprises in the days to come.

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