Home NEWS King of Wrestling, whose champion wife was kidnapped by Undertaker for marriage

King of Wrestling, whose champion wife was kidnapped by Undertaker for marriage

King of Wrestling, whose champion wife was kidnapped by Undertaker for marriage

Brock Edward Lesnar (born July 12, 1977) is an American professional wrestler and former mixed martial arts artist, amateur wrestler, and professional American football player. He is currently associated with WWE as a ‘free agent’, allowing him to wrestle on both the Raw and SmackDown brands.


He is considered one of the most talented athletes in the world. Lesnar is the only man to have won all of the primary heavyweight championships, including WWE, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

When Undertaker kidnapped Brock’s wife

Brock Lesnar’s wife, Brock Lesnar’s wife, who was a favorite of many children in childhood, Sable aka Rena Marlette Lesnar has also been associated with WWE. She came to WWE from professional modeling and made all the wrestlers crazy with her beauty. Undertaker was also among those who sacrificed his life for Sable. Undertaker’s passion for Sable was such that once he even kidnapped Sable.

According to media reports, when Undertaker suddenly came into the ring during a fight, he encountered Sable. Undertaker lost his senses just after seeing him. He offered Sable a dance, during which the other wrestler Stephanie, seeing the opportunity, ran out of the ring. It is said that Undertaker later kidnapped both the female wrestlers. During this time, he himself proposed both of them for marriage, but both of them refused. Later, after a lot of struggle, Stephanie’s father Vince McMahon and brother freed both of them from the clutches of Undertaker.

Who is Rayna Marlette Lesnar?

During that time Diva’s Championship (fight event for female wrestlers) started. Sable’s beauty can be gauged from the fact that Playboy magazine had given her a place on its cover page thrice. For this, Sable received a good amount of money from the magazine.

Sable and Brock Lesnar were married on May 6, 2006. They both have two children, Turk and Duke. Sable has a special relationship with controversy. Her first marriage was to Wayne W. Richardson in 1986. Their daughter Marish was born in 1991. In the same year, Wayne died in a car accident. In 1993, Sable married wrestler and boxer Mark Mera. The relationship between these two did not last long.

Married after being engaged twice

According to media reports, the two separated in 2004 due to Sable’s relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon. After her divorce from Mark in 2004, Sable was dating wrestler Brock Lesnar. Both of them got engaged in 2005, but once again their relationship ended due to Sable’s name being associated with Vinci.

Sable had now recovered from the shock of breaking the relationship again and again. He once again established a relationship with Brock Lesnar. Both of them got engaged again in January 2006 and got married on May 6 this year.

Sable made his debut in 1996. She was also the WWF Women’s Championship. She received the Slammy Award for Dressed to Kill in 1997 and the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year in the same year.

Brock was also a part of the army

Talking about Brock Edward Lesnar, he was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. His mother Stephanie and father Richard Lessner are of German origin. He ran a dairy farm in Webster. Brock grew up on this farm. He has two elder brothers named Troy and Chad and a younger sister named Brandi.

At the age of 17, he joined the Army National Guard. He aspired to work with explosives but was considered dangerous for the job due to his red-green colorblindness. After which he was assigned an office job. He was thrown out after failing the computer typing test. After which he also worked for a construction company.

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