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Nuvvu Nijamgane Ee Question Adugutunnava ‘Rathika’

Bigg Boss Season 7Season: 7
Week: 2
Episode: 10

Bigg Boss Telugu always delivers excitement during the nominations segment, and the second week of nominations brought charm, drama, and entertainment to the forefront.

The nominations continued in the latest episode, and as previously hinted, Rathika displayed her true colors while nominating Pallavi Prashanth.

Her words were reminiscent of the dialogue, “Nuvvu NijamgaNe Ee Question Nannu Adugutunnava Raadhika,” from the film DJ Tillu, as she questioned Prashanth about his presence in the house without relying on the ‘Raithu Bidda’ (farmer’s son) tag and not following her all the time.

Prashanth appeared stunned and struggled to respond to Rathika’s direct questioning. Amid this, Rathika confronted Prashanth, telling him that it was pointless for him to waste time talking and flirting with her. Prashanth had no comeback for Rathika’s straightforward remarks.

Meanwhile, Tasty Teja also took the opportunity to critique Rathika during the nominations. Both Teja and Gautham nominated Rathika, offering valid reasons for their decisions. Rathika had to accept Gautham’s reasons but faced Teja’s strong words.

Teja questioned her level of compassion, highlighting an incident where she argued with other female housemates over sleeping arrangements. Despite initially opposing them sleeping on the beds, Rathika eventually allowed them while taking a bed herself.

Intense conversations unfolded during the second week of nominations. Additionally, a task began but is yet to gain momentum.

Nominated Contestants for Week 2:
Sivaji, Pallavi Prashanth, Rathika Rose, Tasty Teja, Amardeep, Shakeela, Gautham Krishna, Sobha Shetty, and Prince Yavar

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