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Pushpa 2 Release Date Upsets Shankar?

Pushpa 2 Release Date Upsets Shankar?

While everyone thought that Allu Arjun’s upcoming massive sequel Pushpa 2 would be hitting cinemas in the Summer of 2024, the film’s production house has given a stunning surprise by locking the August 15th release date.

With the Independence Day holiday coming on Thursday, this long weekend is going to help the film big time in Bollywood. However, there are other biggies that are actually eyeing this date.

Forget about the Bollywood films, but here in the South, we have Ram Charan’s Game Changer director S Shankar planning to utilise the date. He wants to release Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 on that date as the film also revolves around patriotism.

However, the filmmaker hasn’t announced the date openly and that led to Pushpa 2 locking the date. Now that they have locked the date, Indian 2 makers are said to be in a fix and they want to check into all the prospects before deciding if they have to lock the same date or chase another one.

Reports from Kollywood are doing rounds that Kamal’s film might be released a day before or a day later but not exactly on the same day. Let’s see what happens.

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