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Shaheen Afridi: Guess the price of Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi’s luxury watch – Times of India |

In the world of cricket, where every move and style statement is scrutinized, Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi has been making headlines not just for his stellar on-field performances but also for his impeccable fashion choices. Among the many eye-catching accessories he sportsone that has caught the attention of watch enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike is his luxurious Hublot Meca-10 timepiece.

A Striking Choice: Hublot Meca-10

Shaheen Afridi, known for his fast bowling and dynamic presence on the field, doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his individuality and style off the pitch. His choice of the Hublot Meca-10 watch demonstrates his affinity for luxury and precision.
The Hublot Meca-10 is a true marvel in the world of horology. This Swiss-made masterpiece showcases Hublot’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The name “Meca-10” refers to the impressive 10-day power reserve that this watch boasts. Powered by the HUB1201 manual-winding movement, this timepiece doesn’t just tell the time; it’s a mechanical work of art.

The Price Tag: INR 20 lakh

While the Hublot Meca-10’s horological excellence is undeniable, it’s equally renowned for its exclusivity and luxury. The price of this exquisite timepiece is estimated at a staggering $25,000. This places it firmly in the realm of high-end luxury watches, reflecting Afridi’s appreciation for refined accessories.

Shaheen Afridi in the $25,000 Hublot Meca-10 watch. Source: @ishaheenafridi10/Instagram

To put things in the Indian perspective, $25,000 converts to approximately ₹20 lakh. Yes, you read that correctly – nearly 20 lakh! That’s the kind of investment one makes when opting for a Hublot Meca-10.

Why the Hublot Meca-10?

A watch like the Hublot Meca-10 isn’t just a timekeeping device; it’s a statement. Shaheen Afridi’s choice of this luxury watch underlines his passion for elegance and precision. Here’s why this watch is worth every penny:
Mechanical Mastery: The HUB1201 movement is a testament to Hublot’s dedication to mechanical innovation. With a 10-day power reserve, it’s a feat of engineering.
Aesthetic Appeal: The watch’s bold design, with its skeletonized dial and sapphire crystal, gives it a distinctive and contemporary look.
Unique Materials: The Meca-10 incorporates materials like carbon fiber and ceramic, showcasing Hublot’s expertise in high-tech materials.
Limited Edition: Owning a Hublot Meca-10 is a mark of exclusivity. The limited production ensures that it remains a collector’s item.
Brand Prestige: Hublot is renowned for its collaborations with sports personalities and events. Wearing a Hublot elevates one’s style and status.
Horological Legacy: Hublot has a rich history in Swiss watchmaking, and the Meca-10 is a worthy addition to their legacy.

Guess the Price: Luxury Beyond Cricket

In the world of high-end luxury watches, the Hublot Meca-10 stands tall as an epitome of craftsmanship and innovation. Shaheen Afridi’s choice of this timepiece reflects not only his passion for cricket but also his impeccable taste in fashion. As fans continue to marvel at his incredible performances on the pitch, they can’t help but be equally captivated by the striking presence of the Hublot Meca-10 on his wrist.

While we admire the splendor of Afridi’s watch, one thing is for sure – when it comes to style, he’s setting the bar high both on and off the field. So, the next time you see Shaheen Afridi donning the Hublot Meca-10, you’ll know it’s not just a watch; it’s a statement of luxury and fashion that’s well worth its price tag.

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