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ASEAN NCAP Awarded 5 Star Crash Rating To 2023 Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios awarded 5 stars by ASEAN NCAP
Toyota Vios awarded 5 stars by ASEAN NCAP

The previous gen Toyota Vios was sold as Yaris and Yaris Ativ in some markets too, including India

ASEAN NCAP agency has recently published crash testing results of Toyota Vios sedan. In which Vios passed with flying colours with a full-fat 5 Star rating. ASEAN NCAP tested adult occupant safety, child occupant safety, safety assist systems and motorcyclists safety. Vios scored an impressive 5 star rating which is reminiscent of its predecessor.

2023 Toyota Vios Scored 5 Star Crash Rating

Said Toyota Vios is Malaysia-spec vehicle and is sold in Brunei, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia too. The trim level is G and comes equipped with a 1.5L engine. It had 6 airbags and the kerb weight was 1035 kg. In some markets, Toyota markets Vios as Yaris as well. Sold both in hatchback and sedan guise.

It was tested under ASEAN NCAP’s 2021-2025 protocol. Test vehicle came equipped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), SBR (Seatbelt Reminder System) for frontal and rear seat occupants and various pedestrian protection features as standard fitment across all its variants.

On top of these, Toyota Vios gets safety assist technologies too. These are either offered as standard or optional. These systems include AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), LKA (Lane Keep Assist), BSD (Blind Spot Detection) and AHB (Auto High Beam).

Adult occupant protection tests included frontal and side-impact tests along with head protection tech. Toyota Vios scored a total of 28.20/32 points. Points breakup revealed 14.56/16 points awarded to ODB (Offset Deformable Barrier), 6.64/8 points for side impact and 7/8 points for head protection evaluation.

Gets multiple safety assist features as standard

Child occupant safety tests totalled an impressive 42.43/51 points. Breakdown reveals 16/16 points for frontal collision, 8/8 points for a side collision, 10.43/12 points in CRS (Child Restraint Systems) installation, 8/13 points in vehicle-based evaluation and 0/2 points for CPD (Child Presence Detection).

Safety assist category yielded a total of 16.88/21 points. ASEAN NCAP awarded Toyota Vios 6/6 points for EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), 4.5/6 points for SBR (Seat Belt Reminders), 1.63/2.50 and 2.33/3.5 points for AEB (Auto EMergency Braking) for city and inter-urban environments respectively along with 2.42/3 points for advanced SATs (Safety Assist Technologies).

Toyota Vios ASEAN NCAP points
Toyota Vios ASEAN NCAP points

Considering how popular cyclists and motorcyclists are in ASEAN countries, ASEAN NCAP awards 16 points for this genre. Toyota Vios scores 8.58 points in this area. All this combined yields a result of 78.70 overall score that is eligible for 5 star crash rating in ASEAN NCAP’s 2021-2025 testing protocol.

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