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Health dept swings into action after dengue cases surge amidst heavy rainfall

LUCKNOW The city is currently experiencing a rising trend in fresh dengue cases, with the number crossing the 300-mark. Experts warn that with over 48 hours of heavy rains, the threat of an outbreak of the disease looms large for the state capital.

Representational photo (HT File)
Representational photo (HT File)

“Under conducive conditions, an egg develops into larva, then pupa, and eventually matures into an adult mosquito in 5 to 8 days, capable of biting and spreading dengue among humans. An adult female Aedes Aegypti mosquito lives up to 12 days, biting humans to obtain the blood protein necessary to enable her to lay eggs. This biting behaviour is how dengue spreads,” said a senior health department official.

Dr PK Gupta, former president of the Indian Medical Association, noted, “The city witnessed precipitation ranging from light to heavy rains between Friday and Monday, and again on Wednesday, there were rains accompanied by high humidity levels. This totals six days of conditions favourable for mosquito breeding. If the rainwater remains stagnant for another three days, dengue cases might escalate further.”

In response to this threat, the health department has alerted hospitals and intensified preventive measures. “We have initiated GPS tagging for each confirmed dengue case. As our teams work to treat patients and conduct screenings in the neighbourhoods, we immediately share the location data with the municipal corporation for cleaning and fogging activities,” said Dr Manoj Agrawal, the chief medical officer of Lucknow.

Health teams have been instructed to screen every fever case, especially in areas with a history of dengue cases. These teams conduct anti-larva spraying in the lanes and investigate whether there are additional fever cases in the vicinity. Dr Agrawal added, “Every fever case we identify is subsequently tested for dengue.”

This year, the state capital has reported a total of 326 dengue cases, including 26 new cases on Wednesday. August and September together accounted for 71% of the year’s dengue cases, with 86 cases in August and 148 in September. In the state as a whole, over 3,500 dengue cases have been reported, with five deaths recorded this year.

In a related development, starting Thursday, public address systems in the state capital will broadcast announcements regarding dengue and its prevention. The municipal corporation will also display information on billboards about how individuals can help control the mosquito population.

Date————-Dengue Cases in Lucknow

September 9——–9 cases

September 10——11 cases

September 11——23 cases

September 12——25 cases

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