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Narendra Modi Follows KCR!!

Narendra Modi Follows KCR!!

Narendra Modi Follows KCR!!BJP leaders appear to be adopting a strategy similar to KCR’s approach in Telangana before the 2018 elections. They are offering hints, partial hints, and even next year’s election to confuse the opposition.

The primary objective seems to be not giving opposition parties adequate time to prepare for the elections. BJP leaders at the central level believe that rushing into the campaign before finalizing their candidates is the way to go.

Surveys have already indicated a setback for the BJP in Karnataka, and the upcoming five-state assembly elections also pose challenges for the party. Leaders of the India Alliance are suggesting that they are leaning towards conducting Lok Sabha and some state assembly elections in November this year, and there are clear signs to this effect.

The assembly elections for five states, including Telangana, are scheduled for November and December this year. However, holding partial assembly elections next year for the Lok Sabha and 10 to 12 state assemblies presents constitutional complexities. It won’t be easy to postpone the assembly elections in Telangana and four other states.

States like Telangana and Rajasthan are less likely to agree to President’s rule. On the other hand, advancing the Lok Sabha elections and holding them in November is relatively straightforward.

All it takes is a government decision and announcement to dissolve the parliament. After approving key bills in special sessions of the parliament, the central government can proceed accordingly.

In this scenario, leaders of the India Alliance anticipate the possibility of early elections for the Lok Sabha and several state assemblies, including those in AP and Telangana, in November.

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