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Nominations Heat Up as Emotions Run High

Nominations Heat Up as Emotions Run High

The drama inside the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house is gaining momentum as the nomination process continued into its second day. Tempers flared, and emotions ran high as contestants defended themselves and chose who to nominate for possible eviction.

The day began with Shobha, Rathika, and Shubhasree echoing Amar’s reasons for nominating him the previous day. Prashant, who had staunchly defended himself against these accusations, finally broke down into tears, clearly feeling the pressure of the situation. Prashant and Gowtham then took their turns in the nomination process. Prashant nominated Gowtham, while Shivaji nominated Shobha as a form of reciprocation. The tension between Shobha and Shivaji escalated even after the nominations, showing that their disagreements ran deep.

Prince took a different route, nominating Shakeela for what he perceived as differentiation between male and female contestants. Interestingly, Shubhasree and Priyanka managed to escape nominations from their fellow housemates this time. Gowtham nominated Rathika, citing her initiation of arguments as the reason. Rathika, however, dismissed his reasons as trivial. Teja nominated Rathika as well, referencing her previous act of body shaming him. During this process, Teja injected some humor with sarcastic comments aimed at Rathika.

Prince, seeking payback, nominated Amar, who had nominated him earlier for what Prince considered trivial reasons. Shivaji, left with no choice but to nominate someone, chose Amar.

Final list of Nominations:

Finally, Bigg Boss announced the list of contestants nominated for eviction this week: Shivaji, Prashant, Rathika, Teja, Amar, Shakeela, Gowtham, Shobha, and Prince. It appears that, at this stage, Shakeela, Gowtham, and Prince might be viewed as comparatively weaker contestants by their fellow housemates. As the nominations heat up, the audience can expect more drama, alliances, and strategic moves as the contestants fight to secure their place in the Bigg Boss house.

Maya Astra task:

Bigg Boss then opened up a new opportunity for contestants to secure the coveted Maya Astra. This chance comes through a task that pits two teams against each other, named Ranadheera and Mahabali. The Ranabali team consists of Amardeep, Shivaji, Prince Yawar, Priyanka, Shobha, and Shakeela, while the Mahabali team comprises Gautam, Prashanth, Teja, Rathika, Damini, and Shubhashree. Adding to the intrigue, Sandeep, a confirmed housemate, has been appointed as the Sanchaalak, or task supervisor.

In the initial challenge of the task, known as “Pull Raja Pull,” team Ranadheera emerged victorious, earning themselves a key to unlock the Maya Astra. This development adds a new layer of excitement to the ongoing competition in the Bigg Boss.

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