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Ashwini Dutt Stands Against Jagan

Ashwini Dutt YS Jagan Chandrababu Naidu TDPThe Telugu film industry, Tollywood, has largely remained silent following the unexpected arrest of former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Notably, no prominent figures from the industry have publicly spoken out against his arrest, fearing AP CM YS Jagan will create trouble for them.

However, Tollywood’s most renowned producer, Ashwini Dutt’s comments have gained immense attention. Dutt expressed deep sadness about Naidu’s arrest, describing it as an unfortunate event.

He praised Naidu as a legend and his significant contributions to the country, including producing a Prime Minister, President, and Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Dutt subtly expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling government YSRCP.

Despite Tollywood’s silence, Dutt voiced optimism about the future. He confidently stated that in the upcoming elections, the people would send a strong message and potentially hold the ruling party accountable.

Ashwini Dutt even predicted that the Telugu Desam Party could secure a substantial number of seats, aiming for 160 out of 175 seats in the next elections.

Ashwini Dutt must be commended for his fearless words against Jagan’s government. He showed he is one among the very few who still have a spine to call out injustice.

He has a mammoth project in production, Kalki 2898 AD, which is being made on Rs. 500 crores and which has the potential to be a 1000-crore grosser. Despite knowing Jagan might create a problem for him during the movie release, he didn’t mince his words and lashed out at the YSRCP government’s sheer vendetta politics.

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