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Bigg Boss Telugu, A Journey of TRP Triumphs and Declines

Bigg Boss Telugu, the Indian reality TV sensation, has taken audiences on a rollercoaster ride over the years. Each season has had its unique charm, controversies, and unforgettable moments. Let’s delve into the TRP ratings of each season and see how they fared.

Season 1: Jr NTR’s Debut Delight

Hosted by the charismatic Jr NTR, Season 1 set the stage on fire with its launch episode garnering a remarkable TRP rating of 16.18. The main attraction was undoubtedly Jr NTR himself, leaving audiences curious about his hosting skills. While Shiva Balaji claimed victory, Navadeep stole the show with his exceptional comedy and entertainment. Hariteja also left a lasting impression as a star entertainer.

Season 2: The Kaushal Craze

Season 2, hosted by Nani, made waves with its launch episode, scoring a TRP rating of 15. However, this season is best remembered for the “Kaushal effect.” Kaushal Manda’s popularity sparked the formation of the Kaushal Army, which conducted rallies in his support. The Kaushal phenomenon created intense debates and discussions everywhere. Kaushal’s eventual win even led to midnight rallies, reminiscent of political processions. This season left a profound impact and remains the most successful in Bigg Boss Telugu history.

Season 3: Nagarjuna Takes the Reins

Season 3, hosted by Nagarjuna, set new records with a launch episode TRP rating of 17.9. The finale of this season got a staggering 22.4 rating, mainly due to the presence of megastar Chiranjeevi as a chief guest. This season outshone its predecessors in every aspect be it ratings or entertainment. With engaging contestants like Sreemukhi, Rahul, and Baba Master, it delivered endless entertainment. While Rahul emerged as the winner, Sreemukhi and Baba master left an indelible mark with their entertainment quotient.

Season 4: A Tumultuous Triangle

Nagarjuna returned to host Season 4, which recorded a launch episode rating of 18.5 and a finale rating 21.7. While the premiere and closing episodes garnered significant attention, regular episodes struggled in the ratings department. The season became known for the intense rivalry between the final two contestants, Abhijit and Akhil, with Monal adding a complex layer to the story. The media even questioned Akhil’s parents about his relationship with Monal.

Season 5: A Dip in Interest

Season 5 had Sunny emerging as the winner, but it marked a decline in the audience’s interest. Although the launch and finale episodes received impressive ratings of 18 and 18.4, respectively, the weekday shows failed to captivate viewers. This season signaled a waning interest in the show among the audience.

Season 6: The Unfortunate Decline

Season 6, hosted by Nagarjuna, unfortunately, became the poorest-performing season in Bigg Boss Telugu history. Its launch episode scored a TRP rating of 8.86, with the finale episode managing only 8.17. Despite the heart-wrenching story of Keerthi, who had lost her entire family in an accident, this season failed to engage the audience effectively.

Season 7: A Resurgence of Interest

With declining interest in previous seasons, there were doubts about Season 7’s potential ratings. Surprisingly, the launch episode of Season 7 achieved a commendable TRP rating of 18.06. This resurgence can be attributed to well-known contestants and meticulous show preparation by the creators. The show’s success also reflected positively on the Star MAA channel’s ratings during this period.

As Bigg Boss Telugu continues to evolve, it remains a captivating journey of TRP triumphs and declines, proving that the show’s success depends on the right mix of entertainment, drama, and engaging contestants.

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