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Changure Bangaru Raja Movie Review In Telugu

Changure Bangaru Raja Movie Review In Telugu
Changure Bangaru Raja Movie Review In Telugu

Release Date:September 15, 2023

123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5

Actors: Karthik Ratnam, Satya, Ravi Babu, Goldie Nissi, Nithya Sri, Ester Noronha and others.

Director: Satish Verma

Producer: : Ravi Teja

Music: Krishna Saurabh

Cinematography: Mehrbaba and Azju

Editor: Karthik is there

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It is known that Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is now not only a hero but also a producer and is producing many films. And the latest film from his production with young actors is “Changure Bangura Raja”. And let’s see in the review what kind of result this film got released by Decent Promotions.


Coming to the story..Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam) is a bike mechanic and Narsipatnam lives in Duggada area. But some colored stones are known to be found in this area. But after a small fight between Bangarraju and a man named Somu Naidu (Raj Thirandasu), Somu Naidu is suspiciously murdered. So it goes till the arrest of Kasta Bangarraju. And from this case, if Bangarraju gets out, how will he get out and what is the connection between Tatarao (Satya) and Laugh Geetulu (Ravi Babu), that is, you have to watch the movie.

Plus Points:

The theme seen in this film is quite interesting. Actor Karthik Ratnam gives a solid performance, his dialogue delivery but natural performances are impressive. Also his comedy timing is good.
Ravi Babu’s entry in the second half will generate more fun in the movie from there. He impressed his role with good comic timing as usual. Some of the other actors who appeared along with him impressed with the range of their roles with decent performances.

Minus Points:

As much as the theme in this movie seems good, it has to be said that it is a complete disappointment without giving proper narration. The director has given a very disappointing work in this regard.

There are also many scenes in this film that seem to lag. This made the film more boring. Also, it would have been better if other actors like Goldie Nissi and Nithya Sri had been designed with better characterization.

There is scope to use actor Satya’s comedy timing in many more scenes. But it was not used. Even a song in the movie does not seem that effective.

Technical category:

Ravi Teja’s production values ​​for this film are very good. The music given by Krishna Saurabh in the technical team of this film is good. Also the cinematography by Sundar NC is good. Editing by Karthik Varma should be better.

And when it comes to director Satish Varma, some sequences of the story written by him are good but as a director he has failed. He has given a very disappointing work in this regard. Mainly, he did not succeed in making the screenplay engaging. If this had been set for the concept he had taken, the result of the film would have been different.


Overall, actor Karthik Ratnam has done impressive work in this movie “Changure Bangura Raja”. Also some comedy scenes here and there are good. If the director had been a little more careful, the output of the film would have been better. With this, you can try this movie once with low expectations for this weekend.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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