Home CAR & BIKES Harassment by a Nexa service centre to get “excellent” feedback rating

Harassment by a Nexa service centre to get “excellent” feedback rating

Harassment by a Nexa service centre to get “excellent” feedback rating
Harassment by a Nexa service centre to get “excellent” feedback rating

I gave them an “average” rating based on my experience and how carelessly they handled my Maruti Ignis.

BHPian sac23 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have a 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ignis. Unfortunately, due to an accident, the car had to be given to a Nexa Service Center for accidental work (along with periodic service).

There were dents on the left side fender, doors, and mirror. The bill came close to 18K.

Even before the vehicle was delivered, I started getting calls about feedback for their service from Nexa. I never gave the review and waited for the delivery.

On delivery, they made me pay the bill before showing the car to me. The dent work done on the fender was not the best as the reflections of light could offer the deformity. Besides it was just a Rs. 1000 part and why would anyone do dent work on it?

Secondly, they had removed the door cladding from the car and threw it on the rear seat quoting they didn’t have the required 3M tape. Also, it was an accessory and therefore it won’t be fitted. That was understandable. Since there was no point in arguing with these people, I left. After all, this is what can you expect from a service offered by a budget service center!

Photos of the damages post service

On reaching home, I also found out that the vehicle had a lot of new tiny scratches all around which they hid using some rubbing compound. I knew that they would deny these if I told them anyhow. There was also a hand imprint on the bonnet of the car after someone touched the bonnet with putty on their hand.

I continued getting calls for the review from Nexa, I answered them one day and gave them an ‘Average’ rating. This is the only mistake I have ever made and the Hell Broke Loose!

I started getting multiple calls throughout the day from the Nexa dealer asking why I rated them bad and also what all are my issues. I told them my issues and they were offering a free wash and polish or whatever to make me give them an ‘EXCELLENT’ rating.

I said I was not going to come back there for this and besides my complaint is about how they carelessly handled cars in their service center resulting in scratches throughout the car.

These people can’t take that for an answer and I continued to get calls from them every day for the last 2 weeks for their ‘EXCELLENT’ rating. I kept blocking their number and they kept calling from new numbers.

Later, I got fed up with this drama and gave up, I pleaded with them to stop calling me and gave them an excellent rating. They asked me to send a text to a WhatsApp number with the text, ‘Yes, Excellent’.

I continued getting calls from their head office to reaffirm this for a few days to reaffirm. They also wanted me to give them the so-called Excellent rating!

Since when did corporates drown to such low levels? This is pathetic! Come on Maruti Suzuki India. This is not how you should conduct a customer feedback loop. I feel so disturbed by the whole ordeal. Earlier, they used to blame it on the service advisor and these service advisors used to call and emotionally blackmail us as if they would lose the job if we didn’t give positive feedback, but this is a new low to me.

Here’s what BHPian anjan_c2007 had to say about the matter:

That’s an induced decision at almost a gunpoint. I read your ordeal thoroughly and feel you shouldn’t have succumbed to their evil designs.

When they are so worried and so highly disturbed with an average rating, they need to have the gall to have better introspect their negligence and slipshod workmanship on your Ignis which earned them such a rating.

But as damage control, we hope your thread will create more awareness about the underhand tactics these NEXICANS adapt to stay in business. It would be appreciated if you could please name the ASC.

Here’s what BHPian ninjatalli had to say about the matter:

No use ranting about it without taking any action. You should have stuck to your guns and stayed with your average rating.

First of all, name the dealership here. Put across the higher-ups (no need to mention service advisors) who called / harassed you for giving them a good rating. You could then share this thread with Suzuki customer care if you really want them to make things right. Else just forget about it and continue with your life.

Here’s what BHPian BoneCollector had to say about the matter:

Maruti’s feedback system is good if you give it directly to the company when they call from automated numbers. In your case, you shouldn’t have succumbed to their pressure tactics. If you’re not satisfied with the job, tell them on their face.

I once faced an issue post accidental repair and service, I left a stinker feedback. They had to run around to fix it. And that was the only Maruti dealer in my city at that time and I still go there. Now my work is done to near perfection.

In your case, you should have told them that they were wrong. They should first fix it and then take feedback. If they acted funny after that, you should have given poor feedback. And also told them that you’ll report to Maruti. My suggestion is that you name the dealer here and also send an email to CRM Maruti. Then they’ll start behaving.

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