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My 2022 Skoda Octavia throws a number of error messages: Finding a fix

Hoping for an easy fix and not something that warrants a long time in the workshop.

BHPian abhishek2684 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi, fellow Team-BHP members!

Today I saw a slew of errors in my Octavia A8 L&K MY 2022.

1. Error: Brake. Please visit Workshop

2. Error: Hill Start Assist

3. Error: Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator

4. Brake servo is restricted

5. Fault: electronic parking brake

Has anyone seen these errors before? Everything in the car seems to be working fine apart from these errors that keep popping up in the Infotainment and the ‘Brake Servo is Restricted’ error in the Virtual Cockpit.

Taking the car to Skoda tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be an easy fix and not something that will warrant it sitting in the workshop for months.

Any help on the above will be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what BHPian neoonwheels had to say on the matter:

Usually, the VW-Skoda cars throw such errors when the battery voltage is on the lower side or when the battery is about to give up.

I would suggest taking it to the service centre. They would hook up the scanner to make sure there were no other issues. Christmas lighting in the console is not new on VWs/Skoda for battery issues. My Jetta had shown all kinds of errors when the battery had gone bad.

Here’s what BHPian itwasntme had to say on the matter:

The best case is the battery which will be changed under warranty; however, they may keep the car for a day or so, so be prepared for that.

The worst case could be a rat bite or other damage to the wiring loom. Have you noticed rats earlier?

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