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Balayya’s ‘Bhagawant Kesari’ Out Of Dasara Race?

One of the biggest clashes at the Telugu box office that audiences are going to massively enjoy are the releases of Balayya’s Bhagawant Kesari, Vijay’s Leo and Raviteja’s Tiger Nageswara Rao, which are set for October release. Balayya and Vijay are supposed to be coming on the 19th, while the 20th is the date for Raviteja. And now, reports are Balayya missing out on the race are being heard.

Well, for the starters, ever since Balakrishna held a press meet to reveal that he will be taking the front stage in politics, leading the Telugu Desam Party all the way until Chandrababu Naidu comes out the prison, there are reports that Bhagawant Kesari might not come on time. As the film’s shooting is still left, these rumours have gained prominence and even some fans are believing that a Dasara release is not possible for the film.

However, director Anil Ravipudi is said to be currently wrapping those scenes that don’t need Balayya, while he is assured of the Nandamuri hero’s dates for another 5-6 dates to wrap the whole work. Insiders revealed that there is no question of postponing the movie at any cost, and Dasara is going to be super duper stunning with Balayya’s presence.

On the other hand, both Leo and Tiger Nageswara Rao are also coming on time as scheduled.

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