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Chittoor Assembly for Janasena?

Chittoor Assembly for Janasena?
Chittoor Assembly for Janasena?

The discussion about the Chittoor constituency being potentially allotted to the TDP-Jana Sena alliance has started gaining momentum.

Chittoor is the only constituency in the district where the TDP in-charge has not yet been appointed, which has fueled speculation about its allocation.

The issue of who will contest as the joint candidate from Chittoor Assembly has become a topic of interest. Leaders from both the YSRCP and TDP have met with the family of the late former MLA Satya Prabha several times, but there hasn’t been clarity on this matter.

The family has had a longstanding relationship with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s family for decades, and Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan, even attended Satya Prabha’s funeral in Bengaluru during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given this connection, there is speculation that a member of the family might contest from Janasena in the upcoming elections.

Among the TDP aspirants for the Chittoor constituency, the name of former mayor Katari Hemalatha has emerged as a prominent candidate. She has been actively involved in party activities. Kazuri Balaji, the district vice-president of the TDP, who was involved in various service programs during the COVID-19 lockdown, is also hoping for a ticket.

In this context, if the Chittoor constituency is allocated to Janasena, the question of who will be the candidate from their side arises.

Various speculations are circulating about the potential candidates if the TDP decides to contest independently. The final decision on candidates will likely depend on the alliance’s negotiations and internal party considerations.

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